So you’ve started dating someone new and it has been going great for a while. The attraction’s there, you two obviously like each other and enjoy spending your time in each other’s company. Now, here is the thing. You know you like him, but how do you know whether or not you love him?

“Am I falling in love or do I simply like him?” This question constantly bugs you.

But don’t worry, this article is written exactly to answer such questions. The points mentioned below will hopefully clear your doubts. Do keep in mind that a few of these signs coincide with you having a massive crush on someone, so make sure you’re feeling most of the things mentioned below, before making up your mind.

Signs That You Fall in Love with Him


You feel like you're high

Except that you don’t do drugs. Here’s the thing. All those songs about love being a drug? They’re kinda sorta true. Several independent studies have shown that falling in love (i.e. release of dopamine) stimulates the exact reaction in a human brain as when it receives cocaine.


You’ve become stronger

Emotionally/mentally speaking, of course. When you’re in love, the feeling of being with someone who improves you as a person, as well as being there to fulfill your emotional needs, is an instant boost for you. It improves your self esteem and confidence levels. You also start becoming more and more immune to smaller frustrations, because you’ve realized they don’t bother you as much as they used to.


You lose track of time

When you’re with them, you don’t even realize when an entire day has passed by. You don’t even have to even be physically with each other – simply texting each other all day will give you a similar feeling. Plus, the more time you spend with him, the more you wanna spend more of your time with him.

Am I falling in love? Possibly!


He will annoy TF outta you, but…

You still can’t help but love him. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you tolerate his selfish/childish behaviors. I’m saying that when he does do something dumb ever once in a while, you do feel like slapping some sense into him. But eventually, you realize that this is how things are and you’re still okay with it all.


You’re more energetic

You’ve never felt this alive (both physically and mentally) ever before. You’ve been able to concentrate on your studies better or been more productive at the office. The people around you have also noticed this and have said the same to you.


His happiness comes before yours

Now I’m not talking of the unhealthy ‘I will always sacrifice my happiness for yours’ tendency, but the overall feeling of well-being you feel towards your beloved. You’ve often found you’ll do and say a lot of things that you ordinarily wouldn’t, simply because...


You want them to be happy

You know you’d walk to the end of the earth just to see him smile, don’t you? So long as he’s not making any unreasonable demands, that is.


Their quirks are endearing

Am I falling in love? Well…That dimple on his face when he smiles, that snort he makes when he laughs, that vein on his forehead that pops up when he’s thinking really hard….these little things make you love him all the more, don’t they? The quirks of him make him unique and as more time passes, you notice more and more things about him that most other people are unaware of.


You’re re-reading his texts

All the freaking time! Right? Sometimes it’s just specific words he said, or how he reacted, or how shared an emoji he’s never shared before – all these little things that he does (and that you notice) instantly brighten up your day. Whenever you’re feeling down, the first thing you do is to open your phone and re-read those conversations…till you’re readying to go to bed!


You're doing stuff you’ve never done before

Not stuff like going to the gym or wearing better clothes – that would imply you want to impress him with your physical attributes. No. You’re trying out new stuff that interests him or that he wants to try out, and you’re having fun while doing so!


You're OK with the gross stuff

Farting, burping, belching, dirty socks – you’re okay with it all. And that’s when you’ll truly know that you’re in love. Because all these things that society considers “disgusting” are completely acceptable to you, so long as it’s only he who is indulging in those acts. Anybody else would have immediately been shown the door, so if you’re okay with such habits, you already know the answer to the question, “Am I falling in love?”


All he has to do is to make that puppy face

…and you instantly melt like butter. No matter what he’s done, you forgive him immediately and make him promise not to ever repeat his mistakes again! He agrees, you smile, but you both know that he’s gonna still be just as silly in the future, don’t you? And you’re perfectly fine with that, because that gives you an excuse to see his cutesy puppy face over and over again.


You wanna know about him

You never let a chance to slip up to know as much as you can about him? Drinking coffee at a café? You immediately ask his favorite flavors. Watching a movie? You ask him about his favorite actors, movies and genres. Just sitting in the park at night, chilling? You wanna know about his future plans. And whenever he shares some of his personal anecdotes or childhood memories, you can’t help but be hooked onto what he’s telling you.


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