There are not many women out there who like being the rebound girl for the guy that they like. Unfortunately, this is not something in their hands because men almost never admit after a breakup they do not need a girlfriend but just a rebound girl. This is hard for girls who want a real relationship. Here are some major signs that a man considers you as a rebound girl to give you some inspiration.

The Obvious Signs

If you’re asking yourself, “Am I the rebound girl?” then notice these red-flag signs and know there are something wrong with your relationship.

He got out of a relationship recently

You know this because he told you and he just won’t shut up, always talking about how bad the breakup was and how he’s hurting. Pay special attention if the breakup was from a serious and committed relationship and he met you only a few weeks or months after the breakup. It takes a LOT of time for people to get over the one they love. So be careful.


He can’t stop talking about his ex

Well this is obvious that he’s still in love with her and hasn’t been able to let her go. And even though you’ve hung out with him only on 2-3 dates, you already know his ex as if she were your best friend.


You've run into his ex “accidentally”

And on more than one occasion. How many times has it happened to you? Didn’t it strike you as odd the second or the third time that it happened? I mean, what ARE the chances of you two running into his ex that often? Answer: Very slim. The real reason is that he’s been stalking her, knowing in advance where she’ll be, or deliberately hanging out at places he knows she will visit, so that he can show her how he’s moved on. Which he obviously hasn’t. So I guess this answers your question “Am I the rebound girl?”

The Not So Obvious Signs

Sometimes the signs are obvious like the ones mentioned above, while at other times, you have to be very observant to catch a hold of them.

He wants you two to become exclusive

Well, every relationship begins with getting to know each other, sending cute texts late at night, having inside jokes, chilling at home and watching Game of Thrones together... You know, stuff like that helps a couple bond with each other and makes them comfortable enough to progress to the next level. However, if he seems too eager to skip over the bonding and immediately wants you two to become a committed couple, be careful. It’s not because things are going great, but because he wants that emotional security back in his life.


He’s professed his love to you

Especially only after 3-4 weeks of dating. Be careful. If he seems too smitten or too in love with you, it’s not because you’re an awesome catch, but because after his breakup, he has an emotional void that he needs to fill, and the best way to fill it is to be in love again. Except that he’s not really in love; his mind has fooled/tricked him into believing that he loves you so that he could fill that void with your love. If you’re thinking,” Am I the rebound girl?” then ask yourself how well does this man really know you before he professed his love to you?


You’ve met his friends and family

Especially if this happens only after weeks of his breakup. If you think that’s because he’s a cool guy, you are wrong. It’s because he’s trying to replicate with you what he had with his ex, which includes her being part of his social circle.


His friends and family are surprised

That he’s dating so quickly after his breakup. The most likely reason behind their surprise is that they know for sure he’s not over his ex. In all probability, he may be not aware of it himself and is deluding himself into believing that he truly has moved on.


You’re all over his social media

It’s suspicious especially if he’s only moderately or barely active on social media. But after meeting you, it seems he’s gone into overdrive. He’ll constantly post photos of the two of you together having a good time, and all posts will be set to the “public” setting. It’s not a good sign because he may be just trying to show off to everybody who cares, especially his ex, that he is over her and is now having the time of his life.


He’s not very interested in you

This may not be obvious on the surface, but think about it. You’re not the first person he calls when he has to share good news or bad, is it? You always get to know it through friends or social media. Or, you’re the one who initiates most conversations. If you don’t message him, he seldom messages out of his own accord. Little signs like these give validation to your fear, ”Am I the rebound girl?”


He has mood swings

Well obviously no human can stay in a single mood for an entire day. Ups and downs are very normal. However, if he seems very happy one day and angry or frustrated the other, take notice, especially if this happens on a regular basis. In all likelihood, he may still haven't been able to process his emotions after the breakup and ends up taking it all out on you.


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