You think you really love him and want to spend the rest of your life with him, but deep down you just feel that he seems not so involved in this relationship. Then you start to wonder if you are wasting your time on him? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Read through this article to find out if there is a future lying ahead of your relationship.

Am I Wasting My Time on Him?

There are many easy to read signs which tell you clearly if he likes you or not. You should just learn how to read them!

Talk seldom revolves around you

It’s always about him, his life, his likes, his dislikes, his job, his friends...... you get the gist, right? I mean I get it – in the beginning both of you are excited to know as much about each other as possible, and whenever he tells you about himself, you’re mesmerised. But haven’t you noticed how ALL his talks never feature you? And even when you do try to talk about something related to you, those talks are immediately dismissed or not given a second thought.


Wait too long to set up the next date

I get it. He’s a busy guy. BUT the thing is – if he really wants to meet you, he will take the efforts to clear his schedule, postpone his meetings, and hell, even take half a day off so that he can spend some time with you. And if he’s not willing to do even this much in order to get to know you more, you can be assured that getting into a relationship with him will be no different. His job/life will always be his first priority.

It’s also possible that the time period between your dates is so big because he still isn’t sure about you, or also because he’s been seeing other girls in between just to see how popular he is. Don’t just ask, "Am I wasting my time on him?" Dump him immediately in this case.


Communication from his end is bare minimum

You’re always the one sending him texts, emojis and random meme photos. He’ll respond to them in two ways:

  • He will respond politely, and will carry on a conversation but only if YOU are the one who messaged him first. It shows two things – he’s either very egotistical and always wants you to take the first step, or he simply isn’t very interested in you.

  • He sees your messages, and outright ignores them. Now, don’t use the "he’s a busy guy" excuse. If he wants to reply to you, he will take the time out. Period.


He treats you the same as his friends

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means that he likes and trusts you enough to have you included in his friend circle. But if you were hoping for something more, you will be disappointed because he sees you as nothing more than a friend. A buddy at best.


Your dates ALWAYS end up in sex

Until and unless you guys have been steady for weeks, this is a red flag. Mostly because for him, you’re nothing more than an outlet for sexual release. He’s not looking for a relationship, because if he is, it shouldn't involve sex this much – there would be more of romance, more of getting to know each other... you know the drill. Hope it answers your question, "Am I wasting my time on him?"


He flirts with other girls.... in front of you

I mean, damn. How could you be so blind that you can't see such an obvious sign before you? The only reason he does so is because he doesn’t see you in a romantic way – he isn’t interested in you. Complimenting other girls once in a while is okay and sometimes a little bit flirting can also be justified. But if it’s something he’s doing constantly and that too right in front of you, you should be careful.


He stands you up often

Again, if he wants to see you, he will take the time out to meet you. No two ways about that. The reasons he’s standing up to dates could vary:

  • He has other things to do which are better than hanging out with you;

  • He goes out on a date with some other chick;

  • He makes last minute plans with friends.

And while it’s important for men to have their own lives, seeing another woman and keeping you in the dark about it, or constantly putting hanging out with others ABOVE hanging out with you, is plain disrespectful.


He gives you a ton of excuses

About why he didn’t call, why he didn’t reply to your texts, why he stood you up… So you start to ask yourself the question, "Am I wasting my time on him?" Well, just keep in mind one thing – they are all excuses, not reasons. And if he’s lying to you right from the beginning, ask yourself – is this really the type of man you would want to get into a relationship with?


He never talks about his feelings

Hmmm.... now why would he do that? Could it be because he’s not interested in forming an emotional bond with you and would rather keep things physical? ANY guy who’s interested in you will always discuss his feelings with you. Sure, he may hesitate or be shy in the beginning, but he will open up eventually. And if this isn’t the case with the guy you’re dating right now, be warned.


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