"My beautiful angel, I promise you with all my soul that the love I feel for you will never dry up; it will be even stronger every day and will continue until my last breath, and even longer. I promise to be with you when storms of life surprise you. I will leave my tiny trail of footprints in the sand next to yours, so that you know you do not walk alone, no matter what roads you go. Your smile and the twinkle in your eyes are the most important things for me. You're my only happiness, and your smiling face can always make me smile, even when I’m tearing up on the inside." Words like this always melt my heart and wet my eyes. I always want to write an open letter to the love of my life and here I get three to share with you.

An Open Letter to the Love of My Life


The 1st letter: You are my life's inspiration

"I have stored you deep in my heart, in a special place. No one can take your place, and you're aware of that. I love you without borders and limits. I'm melting in your arms, and I know that my name is "tattooed" on your heart, with my soul inside of it. When a new day begins, I sometimes wake up from the intoxicating dream that I just had, and I keep dreaming with my eyes open because our love is beautiful like a dream and gentle like walking through the clouds.

And then I wake up with you and enjoy the charms of your touches filled with love. I know your smell and your firm hug, and thinking about you and your body feeds my soul. You put a smile on my face even when you're not with me. As I walk slowly through the wispy clouds of life and listen to the rhythm of my steps, the corner of my eye is always looking for your shadow, which silently got engaged with mine the day I met you."


The 2nd letter: You are my life's shadow

This is an open letter to the love of my life that I will send out someday to remind me and him the sweet love between us.

"Without your shadow, my walk through life would be weird and empty. I feel great when you squeeze my hand gently and support me on our paths of the future together. I spend all my breaths to say "I love you" and I will spend the rest of my life saying so, if necessary, to prove that these words aren't futile.

And your eyes…. My God! They force my heart to beat harder and make me feel weak in the knees. You're aware of that and you feel it too. And that’s beautiful. As long as our fortress of love is made of sincerity, tenderness and trust, and as long as our bridges are built on understanding and long night talks, the Sun will shine inside of it, even if there are storms and thunders around its walls. My soul, brain and heart are witnesses of my love for you. You're my reality and my dream. You're everything for me.

Close your eyes and relax because I'm there in your shiny sight, hidden in the colors of your eyes. Your uncorrupted soul full of passion is my book which contains our love written on its pages. No need to talk to me my love; just one touch of yours and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach is all that I ever need sometimes.

Every kiss reminds me the day I met you the first time. Remember the smell of summer rain and those big drops that had already begun to write our love story? That day was full of innocent smiles and our first step together as a couple. Since then, we have walked through many different paths, some filled with thorns and some with roses, and the most beautiful were those on which we walked through together, no matter how many obstacles we faced together."


The 3rd letter: We can survive everything together

An open letter to the love of my life is a must that will remind us even though there are ups and downs in life, we are still there for each other and life is still sweet and happy.

"I found you on the line between dream and reality, and I didn't want to let you go. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I don't care about the past, or present, or future. I only care about you. A mild kiss on my lips and your hug stop time. So really, anything else is not important to me anymore. And I know you will blush when you read this, think I’m writing down these words just to make you happy, especially after our argument last night. But no, that’s not it.

The truth is that argument opened my eyes – it made me realize how lucky I was to have you in my life and how I hadn’t been who you deserve. You put up with all my messes without so much as a complaint and all I ever do is make a mountain out of a molehill. But no more. There was something about your tears last night that changed something inside me, forever. Nobody's perfect, and I'm aware of my faults, but you're the only person who can make me better. You have that power to transform me into the figure of your imaginary perfection. I will heal the wounds that hurt, and I will remove everything bad between us so you can remain happy, my love.

And while my words are getting spent, I feel I should end my letter. All I hope for is that time will give me chances to write much more letters to keep expressing my love to you.

And don’t forget - I love you!"


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