Anal sex is something a lot of us aren't comfortable talking about, either because we think it would hurt or just because it's a bit of a taboo subject. But let's face it, all of us have thought about it - even if just to rule it out. But if you are feeling curious about the world of anal sex, here's what you need to know. 

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Why do men like it?

One in three men regularly have anal sex. If the woman is willing, her partner can live out his domination fantasy. From a physical point of view, anal sex is extremely satisfying for a man. The anal sphincter (sexy word right?) is a lot tighter than the vagina so the penis is squeezed and the pleasure is more intense for him.


What do women think about it?

Only a minority of women agree to have - and enjoy - anal sex. 11% admit to having tried it and only 35% of those said they enjoyed it. Some women refuse to do it because they’re frightened of the pain they’ll experience or because they think it's degrading. With a caring partner, such reluctance can disappear.


Precautions to take

The anus is a sensitive area and can also be a source of pleasure for women. In order to enjoy anal stimulation, you need to use a lubricant because, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have its own natural lubricant. Use KY Jelly, Senselle, Eros or Wet.

The main thing to remember here? Start off slowly. Ask your partner to begin by caressing your anus so that you’re relaxed and aroused. Inserting a finger prior to penetration can also help relax the anal sphincter, making thrusts easier.



Anal sex can be performed in several positions so you can experience a variety of sensations! Doggy style wins the majority of votes. In this position, he can also stimulate your clitoris for more pleasure…a combination of anal and clitoral stimulation may be a pleasant surprise! For more comfort, try lying on your stomach. And if you want to start slowly, try the spoons position (lying on your side). If you prefer to look at your partner during penetration, try sitting on him.


Risks and infections

It can't be stressed enough that penetration should not be rough, or it can lead to cuts or bleeding. Tell your partner if you feel any discomfort. 

There is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases from anal sex too. This is where things start to get a bit cringey. Basically the anal wall is very fragile and porous, so it’s essential that your partner wears a condom. Also, avoid going straight from anal penetration to vaginal penetration, because the bacteria in the rectum can cause vaginal infections and trust us - they're NOT fun. Ask your partner to wash thoroughly or change your condom before proceeding to vaginal sex. 

Be safe and have fun!


The History Of Anal Sex

  • Origins of the word sodomy. Sodomy is another name for anal intercourse. But don’t confuse Sodomites (inhabitants of the city of Sodom) with sodomites (people who practice anal sex)! According to the Bible, the Sodomites saw their city destroyed by God because their morals were deemed too perverse. At the time, it was their excessive sexual appetite that they were punished for, not a fondness for sodomy as we understand it today.

  • A taboo act. In ancient Rome, sodomy with a slave was a sign of a master's power. In the UK, practicing sodomy (or buggery in England and Wales) was a hangable offence until 1861 by the Buggery Act of 1533, introduced by Henry VIII in order to take action against an act that was deemed unnatural and against the will of God. In 13 states in the US, a law preventing anal sex was abolished as late as 2003.


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