Shopping anniversary gifts for your man can be a drag. This is especially so if you haven’t the slightest clue about what he would like. You’re most probably looking for something romantic and thoughtful that won’t threaten his masculinity and something charming that's not childish. As the day of your anniversary draws closer, you need some viable options. 

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him


Morning Message

You can surprise him in the morning by sneaking into his car before he leaves for work. Leave in the driver’s seat a joke book, his favorite snack and a love letter. If you find it hard to write a love letter, you can always write him an anniversary note with a romantic message.



If he wears cufflinks or you think he’d love some, you can get him a pair. Don’t just go for run-of-the-mill cufflinks. You can get him vintage baseball-themed cufflinks if he likes baseball. Alternatively, if you want spend a bit more and he’s the kind of guy who loves to dress up, go for high-end designer cufflinks.



Is he a fitness fanatic? Then a Fitbit Surge fitness tracker will be a pleasant and thoughtful gift. This GPS enabled fitness tracker is great for distance runners and cyclists. It provides very accurate fitness data since it can pinpoint the user’s actual location. The device also helps monitor the heart rate, is a watch, and allows users to receive text and call notifications.


Commission Art Work

You can get him a custom portrait that he’ll keep forever. You can have the piece displayed in your shared space. It will also be a great conversation starter, and will remind him of you every time he looks at it. Get one of his best photos and give it to the artists of your choice. Make sure you start the process well ahead of time to give the artist ample time to do a good job. Portraits are usually great anniversary ideas for him.


Gift Basket

If you’re out of anniversary gift ideas for him, you can simply go for a special gift basket. While it’s somewhat cliché, you can have it customized to include things he would really love. Include a love note or a photo of the both of you to make things a bit more romantic.



Nowadays, it’s very rare to find people printing their photos. They’re either on social media or stored somewhere in a computer or mobile phone. You can print out some of your photos together. Go for those that hold special memories and get a special way to display them such as a photo book or a photo wall. If you don’t have a lot of photos together, then this is the time to splurge on a professional photo-shoot.


Shopping Together

Not many guys are into shopping, but if he doesn’t mind scoping out flea markets and antique stores once in a while, then go for it. If you can, shop for furniture pieces for your home. You might actually be surprised by your husband’s or boyfriend’s discerning eye.



If your man has discerning taste, then you can get him designer cologne. It’s hard to determine the kind of scent he would like without asking him. However, if it’s a surprise, you are on your own. To play it safe, you can go with some popular scents such as Armani colognes, which smell dead sexy. These colognes have complicated and multifaceted scents that include deep woods, cumin, citrus, apple, lavender and others.


New Memories

Why not make new memories together on your anniversary? Instead of a tangible gift, plan an experience that both of you will cherish forever. You can take a spontaneous weekend getaway, sign up for a cooking class, or buy event tickets. You can actually have a discussion about it and agree to save up together to cover the travel expenses. Make sure to carry a camera.


Dinner Surprise

When it comes to anniversary gift ideas for him, this is a classic. Make your significant other their favorite meal for dinner. Make special dessert and buy a bottle of wine for the perfect night together. You can also pick a romantic playlist to play in the background during dinner and light some candles.


His and Hers

His and hers items make for great anniversary gifts. You can get pillows, cups, t-shirts, and many other cute gifts. This way, you not only make your man happy, but also score something for yourself at the same time.



While you might not be able to buy him a Ferrari car, you can always get him a Ferrarri Men’s 0830039 Scuderia Analog Display Quartz Black Watch. This premium timepiece is an excellent gift for your man if he loves sports cars. The watch comes with a treasure-trove of features including a tachymeter, luminescent hands, a date window and fantastic build quality.



As far as anniversary gift ideas for him are concerned, an Xbox is an excellent gift if your man is a video game fanatic. This is especially so if he’s been looking forward to getting one. The console comes with a wireless controller (really neat), standard headset and a full game download. You can also buy him some of his favorite game titles.


A Book

You have to be careful with this to get him a book that he’ll actually enjoy reading. If you have never seen him with a book, then it’s probably not a very good idea to buy him one. If he does love books, then take your time picking one out. Does he love motivational books? Is he more into science fiction? What kind of movies does he watch? For example, if he watches the Game of Thrones, then getting him the World of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin is a nice touch. He’ll get a deeper understanding of the families' fighting for the iron throne.


Personalized Pocket Knife

If your husband loves the outdoors, you can get them a personalized pocket knife. You can get one with an LED flashlight and have his initials engraved. This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for him since it is both practical and sentimental.


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