It feels great to be in a romantic relationship since it fills you with enthusiasm and gives you so many reasons to enjoy your life. You can make your relationship even special by sharing nice things with your partner on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, and even on your anniversary. You can always find cards, flowers or anything special prepared by yourself, but you can give him a surprise by sending an anniversary message to him. He will love reading everything you write. If you haven't figured out what to write, the following messages may give you plenty of inspiration, and you are surely able to send a heart-touching anniversary message for your boyfriend.

20 Romantic and Sweet Anniversary Message for Boyfriend

Although you don't have to follow any rules to write an anniversary letter to boyfriend, you may still need some help and inspiration to make the best use of your writing skills. Here are some of the most romantic short anniversary messages that you can change a little by adding more sentiments and personal touch.

  1. I could keep searching my life again and again, but I know there would be no one even half like you.

  2. I am in love with my life since I've found you – and since I've found you, I've found my life.

  3. Don't forget to make a wish when you see a falling star – those wishes come true because I wished and found you.

  4. If I ever had to choose whether to love you or to breathe, I'd choose you and use my last breath to tell how much I love you.

  5. Who says you only fall in love once? I fall in love all over again every time I lay my eyes on you.

  6. When we hold each other, cuddle, and kiss, I find myself in a whole new world. It's nothing short of magic. It gives me goosebumps and makes me wish the moment would stop. I just want to hold you tighter and tighter. You're the only one I need.

  7. Even if you don't love me the way I do or you don't care for me the way I care for you, I will still be around anytime and every time you need me.

  8. I sincerely wish my dreams could come true because all I see in my dreams is you.

  9. Sometimes, I find myself thinking if I should fight for our love… then I remember your pretty face and I know I'm ready for war!

  10. You're like sun to me… I just cannot go away from you since gravity keeps pulling me towards you.

  11. I want to be with you now… and I want it to stay like this forever.

  12. It takes three seconds to say I am in love with you. It takes three hours to explain why. It takes a lifetime to express and prove it. I'm ready for all!

  13. If I could get a chance to be something else, I'd be your tear, so I could born in your eyes, live down your cheek, and spend my last moments on your lips.

  14. I always wondered if I could ever find someone who'd love me back. It finally came true with you entering my life. You're the special someone I ever wanted in my life.

  15. If you ask me when I'd stop loving you, I'd drop a tear in the ocean and stop loving you the day I find it.

  16. I never knew the rain could be so beautiful until I danced with you. The way rain fall, I fell in love with you.

  17. I love you way more than all the words can define, thoughts can imagine, and feelings can express.

  18. All I want is to be your most wanted hello and your most touching goodbye.

  19. You're the best thing ever happened to me – keep the romance going!

  20. Time flies, but the moments we've spent together are ours and ours alone. Thanks for being in my life.

20 Funny and Cute Anniversary Messages to Boyfriend

You can always be romantic with seriousness in your messages, but you can also make it work by maintaining a fun tone. Here's a bit more about what you can write when trying to write funny yet romantic anniversary letter to boyfriend. Remember, these are just for your inspiration – you can explore your creative side and make these ideas shine more.

  1. They say you will find love in every corner – it seems I'm walking in circles because there's love everywhere since I've met you.

  2. Last night I hugged my pillow thinking it was you – I really wish that it would reverse someday and I'd hug you and stay close to you all my life.

  3. My love for you is growing by the day – it's like diarrhea. Tell me how to hold it.

  4. Will you stop talking if I kiss you on the lips?

  5. You're a thief – you stole my heart. You are a hijacker – you hijacked my feelings. The police will soon be there – I'll see you soon!

  6. My boyfriend behaves like an idiot sometimes, but I know I'll love him anyway.

  7. We're all square now – you took my heart away and I took your wallet.

  8. I can compare your smile to a beautiful flower. I can compare your voice to a cuckoo. I can compare your innocent to a child. Well, I just cannot compare your stupidity with anything – you've got no competition!

  9. Love is quite like peeing your pants – others can easily see it but they just cannot imagine the warmth you feel.

  10. Hey, dude, I'm your sleeping beauty… only you can kiss me to life. Let's try!

  11. I am jealous of you. I'd be the hottest person here if you weren't present.

  12. It's my dream to go on a candle-lit dinner with you and say those magical three words – pay my bill!

  13. I've just discovered your little secret. You're really planning our wedding, aren't you? Don't stutter now! I must say, you're the slowest wedding planner I've ever met. It could've been our third anniversary had you been a little quick.

  14. They say a good marriage would only be between a deaf husband and a blind wife. I am blinded by your love!

  15. The life could've been calmer without you, but that would definitely be so boring. Thanks for being there for me!

  16. Thanks for being there in highs and lows, especially when you caused the lows.

  17. I am so happy that I really managed to find a man I could annoy the rest of my life. Thanks for your love!

  18. Thanks for being the love of my life and the person I could scream at when I am out of my mind.

  19. I should get a special gift for being with you for so many years – how about another year?

  20. Cheers to yet another year of love, suffering, and misery together! Happy anniversary!


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