Nowadays, in the new divorce era, happy couples are pretty hard to find. But if you are lucky enough to witness a happy and harmonious relationship, you will absolutely tell people around you and then the thought of asking your lover, Are you happy with our relationship?” comes to mind. And you realize that you should be asking yourself the same thing, "Am I happy? Truly, unconditionally happy in our relationship?" To get the answer, you can check out some signs and ultimately decide whether to nurture your relationship, or call it quits.

Are You Happy with Our Relationship?

If you really want to know whether you are on the same page about your relationship with your partner, you can ask directly but it's better if you check out the signs, which indicate your partner is happy with this relationship.

If you have butterflies in your stomach, then you are happy with your relationship

When you are in love, your euphoria moves you in ways you haven't thought possible. You feel like singing and dancing all the time. You feel like the world is yours. You can do anything and your heart will burst out of your chest as long as you stay together. That's the magical power of an infinite deep love.


You cannot imagine life without your better half

When you are really happy, you refuse to live and imagine life without the person you love. You are completely aware that you only belong to yourself, and would be able to move on without him or her. But guess what? You don't want to! The only thing you are confident of is that there is no better life for you than staying with your darling.


You feel safe

There is no place you would rather be at than in the arms of your partner. This is where you forget all of your worries, all of your problems. There's nothing in this world that can affect you while he's holding you. Here, you are completely and utterly safe. Here, you are untouchable.


You would rather have in-person conversations than text

Hours and hours of talking is what strengthens the bond between you and your chosen one. And you know what? It doesn't even have to be the real talk! You should be just as content while laughing, goofing around and being your ridiculous self as you are during serious conversations. So the next time you feel like asking, “Are you happy with our relationship?”, remember this.


You have time for yourself

Just because you two come as a package deal doesn't mean that you have to do everything together. You are one, but you are also two. Therefore, you should have your own time and space to chase your dreams and build your characters. After all, the more you expand your individual horizons, the more you expand your relationship horizons.


Sometimes you fight

Every couple fights, that's a fact. If anyone says otherwise, they are either lying or are in a bad relationship. Heck, if getting everything out of your system helps you get to a solution, I say go for it! As long as you avoid insulting each other and you apologize for your mistakes, there is nothing wrong and unnatural about it.


All decisions you make, you make jointly

It shouldn't always be as what you say, or as your partner does. Every choice and every decision you make has to be made together. That includes compromising, and sometimes, in order to reach an agreement, you have to agree to things that you are against. This means that one day you might not get to watch your favorite movie, but don't you worry! Your time will come!


The key to happiness lies in finding balance

Sometimes, life throws at us surprises that foul up our daily life and require us to do things differently. Let's say one of your family members gets sick and while taking care of him or her, you don't have time to clean your house. That's when your better half comes to your rescue by doing something he usually doesn't in order to keep up the balance.


Trust is an important part of your relationship

“Are you happy with our relationship?” is something that your spouse and you could clearly realize from the amount of trust between you two. Trust is the basis of a good and healthy life, and without it, no relationship could ever work out. No matter how much faith you put into your partner, there's always room for improvement. Long story short: it is crucial to work on it constantly.


Intimacy plays a big role

Intimacy, real intimacy, is so much more than just sex. Sure, great sexual life is an important part of every romantic relationship, but not the most important one. People who are meant for each other are intimate out of bed, as much as they are in it. They are familiar with one another in ways no one else is, or will be, and that is the whole beauty of it.


You like each other just the way you are

Don't try changing the person you love! After all, that wouldn't be someone you fell in love with in the first place. You must know that nobody's perfect and accept the flaws your lover has, because we are all born to be imperfect and that makes us who we are.


You learn to forgive and forget

We are humans for God's sake! We make mistakes. It happens. There is no reason for you to insult your partner just because he forgets to do a simple task. By all means, complain about it and tell him or her it bothers you. But if you forgive him or her and don't hold it against him or her, his love for you will prevail; and I guarantee you, he will do better next time!


There is no uncomfortable silence between you two

It is when you start being comfortable staying silent together that you truly become a couple. Not every waking moment you two spend together has to be spent talking tender words. Besides, when you really know and understand each other, words are completely unnecessary. Just a simple look, nod or gesture of any kind is all that you need.


You know where you want to eat even without asking

It doesn't take you hours to decide where you want to eat, because you are already aware of what you both like. It's only a matter of question who gets to choose a place to go to, and if it isn't your turn this time, the next one will be.


Not everything your partner likes has to appeal to you

You have been to a certain stage in your relationship that you don't have to pretend to like everything the other likes in order to impress each other. Just be yourself, tell your loved one when something isn't up to your standards, and he will understand. Trust me. I mean, he loves you after all.


Curiosity, not jealousy, is the reason behind questions

Long-term happy couples tend to take interest in each other's individual doings and accomplishments, and consider your success their success. So the next time your partner asks about how your day goes like, don't just assume it's out of jealousy and start pouting. Take a different approach for a change, and share with him or her the story of today!


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