So….. you’re short and you’re tired of how your friends, family and peers constantly make fun of your height. It’s almost as if they aren’t able to look beyond your height, and see that you’re, very much like them, a unique human being. Sure, that pisses you off and makes you wish that you were average-sized, in the least. But what if we told you that, wait! There are LOTS of advantages of being short.

The Benefits of Being Short


You always look younger

Think of it this way – while all your friends will look old and wrinkly at 60, you’ll still be looking like a youthful 50. And that’s as close as you can get to gaining the advantages of the fountain of youth!


So many offers and discounts

Sure, getting your ID checked in front of clubs and pubs every time you want to enter them can be annoying or embarrassing. But guess what? Looking like a teenager does have its benefits. Like, when you go travel, you can disguise yourself as a student and avail student discounts and rates for various public services, including transport. This is definitely one of the best benefits of being short.


Cheaper prices

Embarrassing as it is, sometimes the only clothes or footwear that fit you in a store are the ones that are available for children or teens. And of course, that stuff is a lot cheaper than the stuff for adults. Plus, you get a much cuter variety of colors and prints to play around with.


Prime spot in pictures

Especially when it comes to group photos. Isn’t it always a hassle when people fight with each other so that nobody ends up being the person who is in the corner of the photo? Everybody wants to be in the centre. But that spot always goes to you because you’re so short that your height doesn’t affect the people standing behind you. Shorter people do not have to worry about not being seen in group pictures because we are always asked to stand in front. Even if you try to run to the back, the photographer will usually yell out for you to come forward. Talk about the incidental benefits of being short!


People help you. A lot

Because you appear to be younger, it has a psychological effect on strangers, who believe you to be physically weak as well (since children and teens aren’t generally physically strong). And that makes them go out of their way to offer to help you – be it carrying your groceries to your car or even helping you change your car’s flat tires. There’s absolutely nothing to be offended about. Think of it this way – your height brings about the best in others!


High heels

We all have that one very tall girlfriend who constantly wishes her height was less so that she could enjoy wearing high heels and not look like a cellphone tower. And guess what? You’re one of those lucky gals out there who can wear 8 inch heels and STILL rock the look.


Ample Leg room

So while your taller friends always complain about how little leg room they get in cars, planes or even buses, you smirk on the inside because that’s never a problem with you. Even if you sit in the world’s smallest car, you’d still be comfortable because your legs don’t require a lot of leg space, which, in turn, avoid the situation of having to contort your legs in awkward positions in order to be able to fit them in the limited space.


You’re always shielded from the sun

Now it can be thick lamp posts or even tall friends, but whenever there’s sun out there and you feel like not getting a tan, you immediately stand behind or right next to taller objects to shield yourself from the sun. And voila! You get zero tan. Definitely one of those benefits of being short that you’ve never given much thought to before.


Halloween is a lot of fun

Especially if you love scaring trick-or-treaters. You can hide in the smallest of crooks and crannies, which are impossible to house normal sized humans. And then the look on the faces of the children when you come out of that cranny and shout “boo” at them is truly priceless.


You seldom bump your head

Because you’re never tall enough to ever hit doors, ceilings, tall objects, or even overhead bins in planes. Tall people consistently have to bend to avoid hitting their heads, but you never have to do. You walk proudly with your head held high while you look down at tall people having to bend and walk!


People look “down” on you

Since most people are taller than you, they have to lower their gaze to look at you. And from that angle, let me assure you, you look thinner than you already are. Yes, it’s true. One of the unintentional benefits of being short is that in people’s minds, you appear to be a few pounds lesser than you already are.


Children love you

Have you never noticed this before? Children always feel more comfortable and safe around you, because they think you’re one of them. Speaking of which, have you thought about giving a go at jobs like teaching or babysitting? The little critters will love you and their parents will be happy with you. And let’s not forget, happy parents = more money. Ahh…being petit!


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