Being in a relationship with your boyfriend is really an awesome feeling and gives you a lot of reasons to stay on it. But, there are some explanations why having a guy best friend is better.

Benefits of Having a Male Bestfriend


You never have to feel insecure about your body.

No matter how confident we are with our bodies, we sometimes have those “I forgot to shave” and “Where’s my make-up?” moments with our loved ones.

With your best friend, being you is what’s important for him. He may even help you put make up or shave your knees for you. All those insecurities are null and void for him.


He will tell you honestly how you look like on your dress.

Being with a guy best friend is being honest in every way… especially on the way you dress.

Whether you look like having a pig’s tummy or a waist like Angelina Jolie, your male best friend won't have reason to say a lie to you. He will be brutally honest on how you look like.


There is no force on anything.

You would like to have something in common with your partner, so you should try your best to make these things work.

If your boyfriend is fond of rock music, you should like it also, and join the rock concerts even if your ears don’t want to. You may even get a small tattoo on your legs as your boyfriend is into tattoos.

But with your best guy friend, you have much more in common simply because he is your best friend. You can do several things like shopping, watching your favorite shows while having popcorn at your side and even talk about Justin Bieber because you have the same common interests.


You don’t have to buy gifts for several regular occasions.

From Feb. 14th, the Valentine’s Day, to a monthly celebration of the day you found your relationship, up to his birthday, Christmas, New Year and all other occasions, you always have to come up with a unique idea of what gift or surprise you will give to your boyfriend.

Only on one special day you are entitled to give a gift to your best friend - his birthday. There are times that gifts don’t even matter to him, just spending a day with him, having a lunch or a meaning conversation and laughter at Starbucks means a lot to him.


You can just watch a movie in a cinema with him.

In the world of dating, watching a movie with your boyfriend can sometimes be annoying. He wants to watch “Transformers” but what you want is “Titanic”. There may also be times that you cannot focus on the movie because your boyfriend is kissing you on the neck or sometimes his hands rubbing your upper thigh.

But when you go on a movie with your male best friend, you can choose which type of movie you want to watch for both of you have the same interests. There is also no way that he will kiss your neck or rub your thigh for he is not physically attracted to you.


You can take him to your loved ones at home and make everyone feel that he is part of the family.

Because you are ultimately close with each other, there is no way that even your parents or relatives will not be close to him also.

He can play XBOX with your younger brother or a scramble with your sister. Or just help out in baking cookies with your mom.

Taking him home with you will not be a big deal. There will never be a moment that they will think that you are deeply in love with him for he treats your family as his second family and know exactly how you are related to him.

He will just simply hang out and then have great fun with them.


He has these ears that listen.

Even if your boyfriend loves you so much, there are times that he doesn't understand your reasons, for it is a “girl thing” or is thinking whether you guys are having sex tonight or not.

As mentioned earlier, you and your best friend are the closest in the Earth, in a way that you know exactly what each one wants to say, with just plain action or reading your movements. Of course, he is the one who will certainly listen to what you have to say, for in the same way you listen to him also. He is also aware that there is no percentage that you guys will have sex tonight. This will give him no choice, and he have to listen to what you want to say.


You can be who you are in front of him.

When you eat you meals along with your boyfriend, there are times that you will show your best for him. You will be neat, get napkins, drink water in a good manner.

But when you are with your best friend, you can be yourself. You can be disgusting. You can talk even when your mouth is full, talk about burping, pooping, or even farting without the idea of being shy and even laugh together with those manners.


He truly accepts you for your genuine personality.

You need to know: It’s not how you look, the way you dress, your race or white skin or fantastic smile that interests him, it is just you.

The relationship with your male best friend is in a deeper sense because it is not determined by physical attraction or appearance. He loves you genuinely because of your charming character. He loves you for who you are.


The word is “forever”.

Do you know what the second “F” stands in BFF? Yeah, it means “Forever”.

Unlike a boyfriend, who could hurt you and later tell you to “cool off” or turn into break up, your male best friend doesn’t give up to soon when things gets tough.

In the same way, neither you do. This forces both of you to work things out and make your best friendship last longer and stronger.


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