Dating can be tough if you’re new to dating…or have consistently failed at dating. In either case, it’s clear that you cannot handle things on your own, and need outside help. Apart from knowing what you should do when in the presence of girls, it’s also important to know what you shouldn’t do. And this is exactly why we’re going to list down the biggest turn offs for girls so that you can avoid them at all costs.

11 Turn Offs That You Must Avoid When Dating


Being sexist

If you’re going to make degenerate remarks on how all women drivers suck at driving, at how women are ‘supposed’ to be home makers or how marrying and raising a child is what a woman ‘should’ do, then wait up. You aren’t ready for dating yet. Read up on feminism, women’s rights, equality and all that jazz (you know, the stuff that annoys you the moment it’s mentioned?). And when you’re clear on the concept that women are in no way lesser beings than men, and that most stereotypes surrounding women are a result of patriarchy, then congratulations! You’re a decent human being who’s ready to date a woman!

PS – Sexist jokes aren’t funny – they’re sexist and derogatory towards women.


Ghosting her

Dude, if you don’t like her or think things aren’t going to work up, how about being a decent person and explaining it to her, instead of making her wonder what went wrong?



You know what? We get that you’re good looking. It was an important factor in us choosing you to go out on a date. But guess what? It’s not okay to talk constantly about how your looks come in the way of finding true love, how your looks have been a bigger con than a pro for you, or how many girls are swooning to go out with you. No self-respecting girl is going to tolerate that attitude, you know.


Cologne overdose

Why? Why would you do that to yourself as well as to your date? Can your nose not immediately pick up on scents, or is it because you sweat like a pig and need to hide that stench? Forget all those Axe ads with dudes praying themselves with bucket loads of deo – women don’t appreciate that in the real world because it’s a serious assault on their noses.


You’re a mama’s boy

There’s nothing wrong in having a healthy relationship with your mum, hanging out with her and spending some of your free time with her. But one of the biggest turn offs for girls is when a single guy’s life revolves around his mother. And worse, when she interferes in his life. Until and unless she has a serious medical condition that only you can take care of, I’d suggest you not being unhealthily attached to your mother.


A man with no goal or purpose

It’s cute when you’re 15. Not so much when you’re 25.

Women like men who know what they are going to do with their futures. It needn’t be written in stone, but you should at least have a general idea as to what you want from your life, and what you’re doing right now to achieve your goal.


Your social media activity

There are so many ways you can go wrong here and end up making one of the biggest turn offs for girls. First, never follow questionable social media accounts. This includes accounts that post almost naked photos of women, women in compromising positions, accounts that post sexist, racist, homophobic or abusive stuff and passes it off as “jokes”. It would also include staying as far away from friends or relatives who post similar content on their page.

Also, please no half naked shots of yourself in front of the mirror, alright? And no more pics of you being posted (or tagged) that show you half drunk or naked (or both) at parties. Women like dating men, not man-boys.


Poor/delayed communication

If she texts you and you read her message, reply. IF you’re busy, just say ‘ttyl’ and respond when you’re free. And if you’re one of those guys who’s always too busy to respond to text posts, bruh, why are you even trying to date? You’re already married to your work.


Not following through

Look. Nobody likes a flaky dude, especially women. If you give her a date and time, stick to it. If you’re unable to follow through, at least offer her a solid explanation for your actions. If you’re going to keep standing her up or disappoint her after confirming your plans, she’s going to dump your ass eventually because clearly, you’re not interested in her, which automatically becomes one of the biggest turn offs for girls.


Touchy guys

Please keep your hands to yourself, especially when you’re on a first date. Being over friendly and getting too physical with a girl doesn’t come off as confident or alpha, but as you being a creepy ass pervert. Touch her only after 1) she’s touched you first 2) you have her permission to touch her.


Not listening to her

So boring, right? I mean who would want to go on listening to women talk? Well, men who end up dating those women, of course. If you’re not even going to treat her like a human being and dismiss or ignore every time she tries to share something with you, then honestly, you don’t deserve her. Or anybody else for that matter. Talk to her, communicate and listen when she has something to tell you. Just because it isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it’s the same for her.


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