When your husband’s birthday rolls around, you might have no idea where to begin. This is especially true if money is tight and you are accustomed to throwing a big bash for the man in your life. What if you can’t give him something that is as opulent or expensive as in years past? You can make it work with a little ingenuity that shows him how much he means to you – even if you don’t have the finances to show it as much this year. 

14 Birthday Ideas for Husband

There are many ways to show your love and affection for your husband without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of the clever birthday ideas for your husband.

Write a letter

Now is the time to tell him how much he means to you. Write a letter that details what you love about him, what you liked about his past year, and what you hope for him for the coming year. Seal it up in a pretty envelope and spray it with a little perfume before you hand it to him. 


Surprise him at every turn

Begin the day with surprises, and keep things going the same way, all day long! Wake him up with breakfast in bed, then give him a special gift. Throughout the day, let him find other gifts that have been hidden around the house, in his car, and in other places where you know he will look. You can even do sweet things like put up a birthday surprise banner at his workplace. 


Romantic getaways

Money might be tight, but you can still have a romantic time away from home if you plan ahead. Anticipate spending one night in a hotel, somewhere nearby, but far enough away that you have to drive for a bit to get there. You can even choose to stay in town and enjoy the nightlife, or go camping somewhere special. Top it all off with a sunset viewing before the stars come out. 


Plan a basket ahead of time

Plan for his birthday several months in advance by picking up small, thoughtful gifts when they are on sale or clearance. Put them all into a nice box and wrap it with a ribbon. This can turn into a large, opulent gift – but only you know how truly inexpensive it was! 


Bake something for him

Here's one of the best birthday ideas for husband. If the way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach, then it’s time to get cooking! Plan a day of nothing but his favorite meals, from breakfast to the final dessert after dinner. You might stay in the kitchen all day, but he can keep you company by talking to you while you work. And you get to enjoy the goodies, too! 


Plan to enjoy his favorite sport

Does he love football and his birthday falls during the season? You’re in luck! You can get tickets for arena ball, the NFL, a college game or even a high school game in the local area, then make a night of it with a big blanket and some hot cocoa while you cheer on the home team.


Give him a scrapbook

Keep a record of the past year by writing down things at the end of every week, and keeping pictures of important events in a particular folder on your computer. As his birthday nears, put all those things into a scrapbook, and have the pictures printed out through an inexpensive online service. And there you have it – a very personalized gift that he can enjoy! This is my personal favorite birthday idea for husband. 


A week of special dinners

If you and your husband are big foodies, start saving up your money way ahead of time, and then plan out dinner every night for a week. Choose a different country cuisine each time, so that you can go “around the world” without leaving town. Italian one night, Mexican the next, Thai the next – the options of birthday ideas for husband are endless! 


Give him a day all his own

When he wakes up in the morning, put a crown on his head and declare him the King of the Day. Ask him to write down his wish list of things he wants that day and then do your best to fulfill all of them. End the evening with a massage while you both reminisce about the great time you had.


Give him a shout on air

If he loves to listen to the radio, call in early and dedicate a song to him. Make it one that he really loves, or one that he hasn’t heard in a long while, something that has special meaning to both of you. It’s a thrill to hear his name over the air! 


Give him a picture

Where did you meet? Where did he propose? Where did you learn you were going to have your first baby? Take a picture of those places and put them in inexpensive frames that you pick up at the dollar store. They are great gifts to remind him of how much you love him. 


Choose wisely

Your husband likely wants a particular kind of gift, so hint around before his birthday to figure out what it might be. For instance, choose something that has to do with his favorite hobby or sports teams, or something that he has mentioned a few times but hasn’t purchased for himself just yet. By paying attention to his little comments throughout the year, you can compile a list of possibilities, all of which will make him smile on the big day. 


Pretend you forgot

Don’t mention his birthday at all, and actually make plans to go out with the girls or have a spa day on his big day. Then surprise him that evening with a huge blow-out dinner, complete with a few of his best friends, and presents galore. That will truly make his big day a surprise. This birthday idea for husband needs more planning. 


Throw a dinner party

Invite all his friends to come over, and cook a huge meal for all of them. Be sure to keep the beer and wine flowing! Soon they will be talking and eating and having a great time, and he will thank you later. For more birthday ideas for husband such as gifts to buy, watch the following video:


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