All relationships have their ups and downs. Sometimes you feel like you're walking on cloud nine, other times it feels like your walk on pins and needles. The down times can really make you question whether the relationship is what you really want. Maybe you're just getting bored? Many people in a relationship face this same struggle, but what should you do? Are you really “bored of my relationship” or do you just need to spice things up?

Signs That You Are Bored of Your Relationship


You Seem to Better Potential in Others as a Significant Other

When you go out with your friends or even alone, do you look around and see other people who you think you would rather be in a relationship with? If you are constantly finding potential in other people, chances are your relationships has hit a stagnant period.


You Keep Bringing Up the Past

Whether you just keep thinking about or keep reminding your partner, if you find yourself reminiscing about how your relationship was in the past, you keep remembering how much fun, exciting and better the beginning of your relationship than it is now, then your relationship has gotten boring.


You Have Gotten Used to a Routine

Every day you go to work, come home, whenever you go out, it is always to the same place, you both just seem to do the same exact thing every day. Neither of you is spontaneous anymore and you just stopped trying new things together.


You Are Jealous of Your Single Friends

From time to time, you find yourself missing being single. You see your single friends going out and enjoying themselves and you get jealous of their freedom. This can be a telling sign that you are getting bored.


Sex Doesn't Interest You with Your Partner

You or your partner stopped putting effort into your sex life and it simply isn't as good as it used to be. What's worse, you may find yourself not even caring about trying to spice things up in the bedroom.


You Don't Like Going on Dates Anymore

If you think "I am bored of my relationship" and even try to find any excuse to cancel on your partner when it comes to date night or are relieved when they end up having to cancel first, your relation is at risk.


You Don't Plan for the Future

Before you two used to share your dreams and plans for the future together, but now you don't even want to think about it. You have no interest in discussing where you two will live together or even a trip or vacation you two might take together.


Everything About Them Annoys You

Every day you find another thing they do that annoys you. It seems like everything they do you find annoying now. Everything you once loved about them now irritates you and you find the two of you arguing more over this than ever before. And every day it gets worse.


You Don't Like to Talk About Them

Once all you could do was talking about them and all the things you did together or were planning to do, but now you want to avoid discussing them at all cost. You're not interested in talking about them to your friends or family.


You're Not Interested in Meeting Their Family

If you haven't met them yet you no longer care, this can be a huge red flag. If you have met their family but have no interest in hearing about them or spending time with them, this is also a red flag that something is missing from your relationship.


You Are Uninspired

When you are in the right relationship, your partner tends to motivate you to be better or set goals. If you stop caring about your goals or being a better person and if you aren't interested in encouraging of their goals, you could be heading for trouble.


You Biggest Relationship Accomplishment Is the Time You've Spent in It

Is the only good thing you can say about your relationships is the fact that you guys have been together for more years than anyone else you know? This is a clear sign that has you questioning whether you have gotten bored in my relationship.

Then What to Do to Rekindle Your Relationship

If you find you keep thinking "I'm bored of my relationship", however, don't be discouraged, every couple has been there. While it takes a little bit of effort, you can rekindle the passion and love back into your relationship with some suggestions below.

Try What Brought You Two Together in the First Place

Think about what you did at the beginning of the relationship before things started to get stale. What were some of the things the two of you enjoyed doing together? It might be time to simply go back the basics of your relationship to remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.


Try Some New Things

Plan a week out where the two of you will do something new every day. Pick some activities, restaurants, and local attraction that neither of you has been to or done before. This can add a lot more excitement into your relationship and give you ideas of what you might like to do together in the future.


Set a Weekly Date Night

Make date night a non-negotiable. Choose a day you both can commit to and take turns planning the night. Have a little fun planning something special for one another. Don't let it get stale by always trying new things with your date nights and trying new places to eat.


Do Something Adventurous

Do something that will give you both an adrenaline rush. Bungee jumping, hiking, aerial yoga or even dance lessons can be great to get the result. When you do something that increases your adrenaline, it boosts the production of Oxytocin and bonding hormone in both men and women.


Plan Surprises

If you and your partner have fallen into the trap of having the same exact routine day in and day out, then you need to plan some surprise to break away from the monotony. Even the smallest surprises can make the biggest difference, place a love note in the car before they leave for work, surprise them with a special dinner, or buy them a small gift every once in a while.


Bring the Excitement Back into the Bedroom

Think back on the first time you and your partner were intimate. It was exciting and you were maybe even a little nervous? Try to recreate that first time with your partner. Also, don't hesitate to initiate a conversation about your desires in the bedroom.


Adjust Your Body Language

If you have been feeling bored with your relationship, chances are your body language reflects these feelings. Make the extra effort to look into your partner's eyes when they are speaking to you, hug them, hold their hand, simply be more affection. This can help strengthen the bond you both feel towards each other.


Take Initiative

If you are the one who always thinks "I'm bored of my relationship", then you need to take the initiative to bring the excitement back. Most often couples will just wait for the other person to make the first move, but in this case, you need to take actions.


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