Dating a real woman can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time with her. That’s because you’re so used to dating girls that you don’t even know where or how to even begin handling a real woman. And that’s okay; everybody has their first time with everything. However, in order to know how to handle a woman, you need to know the characteristics a real woman may have so that you can distinguish her from a girl. So, what are those signs?

Characteristics of a Real Woman

Keep in mind that age rarely has to do with a woman being a woman. She could be 20 and be a real woman, or be 30 and be a complete child. Having said that, make sure you keep an eye out for these characteristics listed below.

She compromises without being a pushover

Girls generally are ego centric because for them, the concept of compromise doesn’t exist. Everything has to happen according to their own needs. However, a real lady knows this is not the case, especially in relationships. New people and experiences are part of one’s life and one has to constantly adjust themselves and their attitude in order to maintain smooth relationships.


She has her own set of limits

See, the thing about real women (and men) is that despite being independent and resourceful, they know when to put a stop to their activities. They don’t go overboard with helping friends, covering for colleagues, getting drunk at offices parties, embarrassing you in front of your family… You get the gist. Everything is done in moderation, and that’s because she’s a responsible and classy lady.


She’s passionate about something

Now this may not be true of all ladies, but it’s true for most. Apart from their work and loved ones, most women have at least one passion on the side (being physically fit, helping animals in need, cooking food, etc.) that they simply love to devote their time to.


She knows that inner beauty is supreme

I mean sure, looks matter and all that stuff, but when it really boils down to it all, one of the realest characteristics of a real woman is her ability to give inner beauty importance over outer beauty. I mean, it’s the inner beauty that always lasts, you know, and not how “hot” your body is or how “great” your fashion sense is.


She makes requests, not demands

Now, this of course won’t hold true if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time (the dynamics change), but in the first few months or even years, she’ll never make demands from you especially unreasonable ones because she knows you’re your own person and she doesn’t really have much of a right into making you do something you don’t wanna do.


She appreciates your efforts

The very few times that she does demand something from you, she makes sure she thanks your efforts – either verbally, or by returning the favor.


She spends her money on you

Hey, if you can splurge on her, then she can definitely splurge on you. It just goes on to show how not only financially independent she is, but also how she thinks of herself as an equal in the relationship. This automatically translates into her taking on the burden of 50% of all expenses.


She seldom throws tantrums

That’s because she knows tantrums are the job of children. Whenever she’s angry, she will either talk logically with you (without letting her emotions overwhelm her) or simply walk away so that the both of you can cool off and discuss the issues at a later stage. Speaking of…


She always discusses relationship problems

One of the best characteristics of a real woman is that she knows the importance of communication in a relationship. After all, it is the backbone of every relationship, right? She never lets fights go unresolved and she makes down you two sit down and discuss the issues you’re having with each other, instead of pushing it all under the carpet.


She doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions

Because she’s an equal in the relationship, she voices her opinions and concerns as much as you do, if not more. It’s the same principle as above – communication is key. If she doesn’t like something that you do or say, she will find a way to tell it to you, without hurting your feelings. That’s because…


She’s tactful

She knows what to say and when to say it. More importantly, she knows how much to say and how exactly to say something so that she can get her job done without having to create unnecessary drama over anything.


She doesn’t need you – she only wants you

That’s not really a bad thing, because really, you shouldn’t be "needing" anybody in your life, least of all your partner. That shows an unhealthy dependence, and she’s anything but emotionally unhealthy!


She can differentiate between self-respect and ego/pride

Now, I admit, very few people are able to do so, but the ones that can do it are very mature people.


She doesn’t always accommodate you

See, here’s the thing about the characteristics of a real woman. If you’re gonna keep her as an afterthought, as someone you can call at the last moment to hang out with because all your friends ditched you, then think again. She’ll put up with this behavior, once, twice or even thrice (if she really loves you). But there won’t be a fourth time. From that time on, she will accept dates and invitations only if you inform her beforehand, because she’s got a life too, you know. She is never going to be at your beck and call. Of course, the dynamics change when you two get more comfortable with each other, but that’s another story.


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