When two people say they have chemistry between them, they usually mean they feel strong attraction to each other. Chemistry is a complex "emotion" that two people experience when they share a connection. It can be sexual, which is actually the most traditional kind of chemistry between people, but this spark-flying, earth-moving phenomenon can assume other forms as well. It is possible to see signs to tell how good your chemistry is with someone, and learning about the concept may help you have a long-lasting relationship.

What Is Chemistry Between People?

Simply put, chemistry is an unconscious mentality, influenced by a number of factors. The most essential components of chemistry are similarity, non-judgment, mutual trust, attraction, and effortless communication. It can be a combination of different feelings, such as infatuation, love, lust, and a desire to be around someone.

The actual definition of chemistry may vary greatly, but it is still a well-documented concept and many people use it in their daily lives to describe different feelings. It is even possible to see people explain the concept in metaphorical terms, such as "like a fantastic performance" or "like vanilla ice cream and cookie dough". Some people believe that chemistry stimulates love or sexual desires, so brain chemicals can have something to do with it.

What Are the Signs of Chemistry Between People?

A number of signs and symptoms go into describing how good or bad your chemistry is with someone else. It is worth pointing out that signs of good chemistry are usually quite obvious, but you should not expect it to appear with loud soundtracks or fireworks. The signs can be quite subtle at times and are usually felt, not seen.

Nevertheless, the signs of good chemistry between two people can be psychological, physical, or emotional.

  • Psychological: It's psychological when you experience a sense of obsession and wait anxiously for the next time you will meet the other person. You may even smile uncontrollably on the mere thought of that special person.

  • Physical: Some of the most common physical signs of good chemistry between people include your blood pressure going up a bit, the face and ears turning red, a feeling of weakness in the knees, and blushing. Shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and sensations of excitements are also common physical signs of having positive chemistry between people.

  • Emotional: Feelings of comfort and lightness in the presence of another person are emotional signs of having a positive chemistry. The need to please the other person may well be present. This will also lead to a mental compatibility and the desire of spending time with someone may transform into a serious, long-term relationship.

How Can You Develop Chemistry with Someone?

Interpersonal relationship and sexuality experts believe it is possible for you to make chemistry happen. What is chemistry between two people is what you should learn first. The information will help you put your best foot forward. Here are some ways that you can use to develop chemistry with someone.

Volunteer to work in groups

Though it's rare, you can improve your odds by interacting with people at work, college or school. Volunteer to work in groups, as that's one of the situations when you can build a connection and find chemistry.


Spend some time together

The more time you spend with each, the better. If you want to grow old with someone, you need to show how much you love spending time with him/her. Going out for a long period of time will help both people understand each other better and develop a connection as well.


Invite her to a party and show affection

If you're trying to develop chemistry with the lady of your dreams, you may want to take her to a party and then do something protective like guiding her through the crowd or helping her take off her coat. Such moves are simple, but can stimulate oxytocin (considered "the cuddling chemical" by the neuroscience community). This will invoke feelings of affection, warmth, and desire of closeness.

To learn more about some of the most effective moves that help develop chemistry between people, be sure to spend some time watching the following video.


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