Almost every child in America grows up watching animated shows on Cartoon Network, but not every cartoon show manages to make a positive impression. There have always been cartoon shows with some shocking characters, moments, and messages that stirs controversies. Most people can pinpoint at least one creepy cartoon not suited for children. Do you also know about some of them? Check out the list for more info.

12 Spooky Cartoon Network Shows

There is a long list of shows that are not suitable for kids of any age. Check out if your creepy cartoon network show is on the list here.

Total Drama Island

First aired in the United States in 2008, it was based on the reality show Survivor and was immediately tagged as inappropriate for kids. There are many episodes where you can hear long bleeps, which actually suggest that the characters are cursing. Moreover, so many women characters in the show are half-dressed and always ready to make out with male characters.


Adventure Time

This new cartoon can certainly be creepy and inappropriate for children. It tells the story of a boy in a post-apocalyptic land with his adoptive brother who can change forms. The whole show is about the duo fighting off demons and saving the princess characters. There is a scary and creepy episode in which the villain takes a piece of every princess character and sews them together to make his own princess.


The Regular Show

It is yet another creepy cartoon network show that is not suitable for kids since it deals with the paranormal a lot. Moreover, it also includes sexual scenes with lots of tongue kissing. It is definitely not something a young kid should watch.


Cow and Chicken

It may not be the creepiest show on the list but it can still be considered inappropriate for kids since it tells the story of a devil-like creature. The real problem is that the creature does not wear pants and has an accentuated rear end. Another creepy thing is that the parents of the main characters do not have the upper halves of their bodies.


Spongebob Squarepants

The show is not appropriate mainly because of its suggestive punch lines – they are more of dirty jokes actually. There is even cursing in some of its episodes. Many parents agree to the fact that this is definitely not something they would want their kids to watch.


Betty Boop

This creepy cartoon network show is "allegedly" banned because one of the episodes highlights drug use. Moreover, Betty Boop has also been presented as a sex symbol mainly due to her flirty personality, promiscuous dancing, and hooker-like sexy attire.


Ed, Edd, Eddy

The show is on the list mainly because of the extensive use of more adult-type language and inappropriate gestures. You can also find several double meaning dialogues in many episodes. In one of the episodes, they also talk about "snow job" and discuss it for quite some time.


Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

The show is not appropriate for kids because it has some double meaning stuff included in some episodes. There is an episode in which the main character is asked to watch some "adult" videos. The mention of adult videos is just not appropriate, and there are also dialogues not suitable for younger audience, like a waiter asking a woman if he could see her garden every day.


Powerpuff Girls (HIM)

Yes, the show is creepy because it also talks about Satan. A young child can become frightened just by hearing the distant, mirrored, and hallucinogenic high-pitched voice of the main character in the show. The character is red in color with horns and also bursts out in flames sometimes.


Ren and Stimpy

This creepy cartoon network show is a big no-no for young kids mainly because it deals openly with profanity, sexual concepts and subliminal messages. It also has bare butts, hip-humor, and harsh language. There is some serious violence in one of the episodes where the main character talks about tearing out another character's lips. The show also has a spin off geared towards a mature audience.


Sanjay and Craig

Produced by Nickelodeon, this American animated TV series tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Sanjay, and his talking pet snake, Craig. There is an episode where they both stick their tongues out and put in each other's bellybuttons. They even start eating the lint and then slosh it around in their mouths. This is creepy and gross, definitely not something that you should let your young folks watch.


Mr. Meaty

Created by Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon, this Canadian-American TV series tells the story of two lazy teenage boys who work at a fast food restaurant. There are some horrible plots in the show and most characters look horrible too. The main character never stops flirting with the girls. Do not watch it; you will lose your appetite.


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