Sometimes guys think asking a girl out is hard, but it's actually really easy. All you need to do is ask! However, feelings like shyness, anxiety, or fear of rejection can hold you back. Girls love it when guys act out creativity or thoughtfulness. So if you're wondering how to ask that special girl on a date, here are some cute ways to ask a girl out.

Perfect Ways to Ask a Girl Out


Write it down

Writing a girl a note is a romantic and old-fashioned way of asking her out. Just remember to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Tell her you would love her company for the evening, and avoid using innuendos. You can even send the note to her house with a bottle of wine or some chocolates.


Write it on a shirt

This is similar to writing a note, but you're writing it for the entire world to see! Use this one for girls who appreciate creative guys. All you need is a white shirt and some paint or markers. Write "will you go out with me" and show up at her school, home, or work wearing the shirt. She'll definitely know you like her and you're not afraid to show it!


Call her on the phone

In this day and age, girls are used to guys sending them text messages, emails, snapchats, and tweets. But a good old-fashioned phone call is almost unheard of! Win her over and show her that you're serious by calling her on the phone and asking her out. You'll come across as an old-fashioned gentleman, and she'll appreciate the personal touch for sure.


Say it with music

Try burning her a CD--but only do this if you know her well enough to know what kind of music she likes! Burn her a CD with some of her favorite songs that make you think of her. Then for a surprise: record yourself asking her out. This is definitely one of the cute ways to ask a girl out.


Get her a "talking" teddy bear

Almost all girls love teddy bears, and these days they even sell teddy bears with recorders inside. So pick out a cute stuffed animal, and record yourself asking her out with sweet words. This has got to be one of the most adorable ways to ask a girl out, and you'll definitely win her over with your creativity.


Bake her a sweet treat

Sweets are another thing that almost all girls love. So appeal to her sweet side by baking her a cake. Then, write "will you go out with me" in icing. This is a great idea, but one word of caution: only do this if you actually know how to bake! You wouldn't want to give her a cake that tastes awful, would you?


Get her flowers

Take it from me--girls just love getting flowers! Get her a nice bouquet and place it on her doorstep. Such a sweet gesture! Or, to show respect, give her the flowers in person and ask her out. A small token of your affection can go a long way to winning her heart! This is definitely one of the cute ways to ask a girl out.


Sing it!

Try this one if you have some musical talent and a decent singing voice. Write her a song or a poem, and then surprise her at work, school, or home with a romantic serenade. At the end of your song, add some lyrics asking her out. No girl could resist a romantic gesture like this!


Write it in chalk

Here's another creative idea. Get some colorful sidewalk chalk and write "will you go out with me" on the sidewalk outside her house. Add some cute drawings or decorations to really make it special.


Make a crossword puzzle

If your special girl likes games and you've got some time on your hands, try making her a romantic crossword puzzle. The answer should spell out something like "will you go out with me". Hopefully, she'll have fun doing the puzzle and will be happily surprised at the end.


Try a balloon bouquet

Among all cute ways to ask a girl out, this one is definitely worth a try. Get her some balloons in her favorite colors, then fill them with cute items, like candy or tiny stuffed animals. Inside one of the balloons, add a note that says "will you go out with me". Then, leave the balloon bouquet somewhere that she'll find it for a great surprise! 


Light some candles

For a super romantic gesture, buy lots of tea light candles. You'll need enough to spell out words like "will you go out with me?". Set up the candles in her driveway, light them, and ask her to come outside by text messages or phone calls. When she steps outside, she'll find you standing there, holding a single rose, in front of the candle message. She'll absolutely swoon at this sweet and romantic gesture!


Get out the chalk again

This idea is similar to writing a chalk message, but takes it a step further. Instead of just leaving her one note in chalk, leave her several messages over the course of a few days. But make it mysterious--don't sign your name or let her know it's you in any way. At the end of several days, when you leave your last message, make sure you're there when she discovers it. She'll definitely be surprised.


Treasure hunt

One of the cute ways to ask a girl out is to set up a creative and interesting treasure hunt. Write clues on pieces of paper and attach each clue to a single rose. You may need to ask one of her friends to help you to make sure she makes it to the last clue! When she reaches the end, she'll find you, standing there with a bunch of flower--at this point, you can ask her out.


Make it a spy game

This is one of the most creative ways to ask a girl out. Ask her to meet you somewhere, and then when she gets there have someone hand her a tape recorder. One the tape, record a message that says "Your mission is to go out with me. Will you accept it or reject it?" Then, have her give you a sign that she agrees to the date. This is a surefire way to win her over!


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