You prepared breakfast for your boyfriend but he just took a sip of his coffee and then went off to work. You prepared a surprise anniversary dinner for him but he came home late from work and he even forgot that it was your anniversary. You begin to feel frustrated and begin to think what’s wrong with your relationship. Actually, there is really nothing wrong; your man is just busy at work, or, to put it on the right note, your boyfriend is just workaholic.

Dating a Workaholic Man: How Does It Feel Like?


He can shower you with material things

This should not be the main reason why you are together, but let’s face it, this is not really important though it’s a feather in the hat. A guy earning a minimum wage cannot buy you expensive gifts, which is very different if you date a workaholic man.


He is focused on his goals

This is an advantage to the relationship. Workaholic persons are goal-driven, so if your partner is a workaholic, he or she will make sure that both of your needs are met.


You are not his priority

If your man is very dedicated to his work, be ready for postponed vacations, missed dinners, unanswered phone calls and unread text messages. You have to be very understanding or this might cause you serious problems.


His self-esteem is based on his work

Now this one can affect your relationship. If you are dating a workaholic man, the tendency is he could drag his problems at work to your relationship. For example, if his meeting with the client was not successful, he might still feel upset even if you are trying your best to make him feel good.


His phone is your enemy

Workaholics may not always be on their phone, but they have the tendency to still do their work even when it is your quality time. So if you are in the middle of a romantic dinner and his boss suddenly calls, well you just have to deal with it.


He may not be able to appreciate you

If he is too focused on his work, the tendency is he might not appreciate the things you are doing for him, like the romantic dinner, the sweet home decoration or the cute dress you wear for him. There are times you will feel like giving up, but all you have to do is to give him a reality check.


You will experience a lot of arguments

Dating a workaholic man is not as easy as it seems. You will experience a lot of misunderstandings because you feel like you are unappreciated while he thinks that you don’t understand all the pressure he is experiencing at work. You must understand that he loves you, and all he needs is understanding and some sincere talk.

Dating a Workaholic Man: Make It Work and Sweet


You have to be ready

If the day of your man starts with his phone and ends in front of his computer, you have to be ready to experience these things. Workaholic people do not know how to balance their time; for them, their job is their life. If you are ready for this, then go ahead.


Learn to understand

If you are ready for this kind of relationship, then learn to understand him and understand that this relationship needs lots of efforts from you. If he sees your effort to nurture your relationship, then he might have the initiative to prioritize you.


Let him understand too

He may not know the effects of his actions to your relationship unless you tell him. If you see that your relationship or your life is being affected negatively, then it is time to sit down and talk.


Show him your value for work to attract him

The easiest way to attract and to impress your workaholic boyfriend is to show him that you have good work ethics. By letting him see that you have the same priorities, he will know that you have the same beliefs and values.


Take it or leave it

If it really breaks your heart with the way he treats you, there are a few things you can do. You may try to change his views or change your own views. If it still won’t work, then maybe it’s time to move out of the relationship.


Face the reality

If you knew from the start that this is the kind of life you will live when you are dating a workaholic man, it will not be fair to demand for his time in the middle of the relationship. You may demand if the circumstances change along the way.


Stop the nagging

Nagging will only worsen the situation and might make your man walk away from you. It is never wrong to speak up your mind, but always be tactful.


Don’t compare your relationship to others

Just because your best friend and her husband enjoy quality time every day, that doesn’t mean you and your husband should do the same. Don’t forget that your partner has a different job, believes in different work ethics and, mostly importantly, is a different person.


Agree on a set-up

Talk to each other about the amount of time you need to spend together. Make sure it is realistic and non-negotiable. Dating a workaholic man may not be easy but if the relationship is handled properly, everything will work out just fine.


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