Both infatuation and love are intense emotions that you can feel for someone else. Many people often find it difficult to distinguish between these two feelings, but in reality, it is not that difficult because the two feelings are not the same in their intensity, actuality of love, and final outcome. Infatuation is addictive love and makes you get carried away by unreasoning love or passion – sexual attraction is usually the main factor here. On the other hand, love is to develop a feeling of intense affection for someone else – it is more like an emotion that two persons share. Let's discuss more about it to know their differences.

Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Depending on what your true emotions are for a special person, you will begin to see them differently. Your perspective will change depending on whether you are in love with someone or what you have is plain infatuation. Here is more to help you learn the difference between the two feelings.

Whether You Can See Other's Flaws

If it is infatuation, you will not dwell too much on finding flaws in your significant other. It is not because they do not have any imperfections, but because you do not want to find them. It keeps you from knowing that person from deep within.

If it is true love, you will also see that special person's flaws. Before you get into a relationship, it is important to know that person's weaknesses, pet peeves, character flaws, and imperfections. The real difference is that even though you know their flaws, you are willing to accept them when you are actually in love with that person.


Whether Sex Takes Center Stage

In infatuation, sex is the only way you show affection toward your significant other. Sex is important for a loving relationship, but it takes center stage when it is infatuation. Understand that it is not love if all you think about is sex and sex is the only factor that draws you toward that special person.

In true love, sex will only be a part of your relationship. You two will enjoy a great sexual relationship but you will always take sex as a bonus and not as the main reason to get into a relationship with someone. You will enjoy conversing with your beloved as much as you enjoy having sex.


Whether You Think with Your Heart

This can be said to be the most important difference between Love and Infatuation:

When it is infatuation, you do not think from the heart and let your other parts take control of things. Instead of really loving that person, you may only be impressed by their attractive body, ambitious nature, or success. If you do not care about finding the real person underneath these qualities, you are experiencing infatuation only.

You let your heart rule when it is true love. Even if the person you have fallen for is hot and have other qualities too, you will be tempted to get in touch with them to get to know them better.


Whether It Last or Not

If it is infatuation, it cannot survive the test of time and will eventually diminish. It may only be infatuation if you often find yourself "falling in love" with different persons. In contrast, true love grows with time, and you will continue to stay with the same person.


Who You Focus on

Who has all the focus in your relationship will determine if it is love or infatuation. In infatuation, you will be self-centered and want the other person to satisfy you and take care of your feelings only.

In true love, your focus will be on making the other person happy. They will be the focus of your attention and you will not care much about what you receive from them. The two in love will work together for their mutual benefits and care for each other.


Whether Problems Are Solved or Overlooked

One main difference between love and infatuation is that infatuated people do not show much concern about solving problems. They tend to ignore them. Persons in love will face problems and try to solve them to help strengthen their relationship.


Whether There Is Trust

An infatuated person will usually have a blind sense of security with no awareness about who that person really is. Genuine love will always have a feeling of trust and a sense of security.


Whether You Can Stand Separation

Know that it is infatuation if you want to be with the same person 24/7. You will lose it if you have to be temporarily separated from your significant other. Besides, if it is infatuation, it may change unpredictably. You feel you are in love, but the very next moment, you are in love with someone else.

True love knows how important distance is. In fact, distance helps you learn more about your relationship, which becomes stronger when you two are apart for a short time. That is to say, there is a sense of stability in real love. You feel committed and want to be with the same person forever.


Physical Attraction

Another difference between Love and Infatuation is how much you weigh physical attraction:

Physical attraction is important but it is the main factor in infatuation. And you feel affectionate toward the other person early in your relationship if it is infatuation.

In the contrary, physical attraction is never the center of focus when you are genuinely in love. Besides, you usually show affection later in the relationship, which actually helps you get a better and overall understanding of your significant other which really helps to sustain your relationship better.


An Urge to Get Married

If you feel a strong urge to get married soon after meeting someone, it may only be infatuation. An infatuated individual just cannot tolerate postponement. True love puts you close to each other without making you feel the need to get married and stay together all the time.


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