We can learn a lot about people from the way they smile. Every emotion they are feeling instantly gets written on their faces. For instance, the corners of their mouths curling upwards means a good mood. And guess what? There's no way of hiding it, since their twinkling eyes will give them away. Even though smiles are usually associated with happiness, there are also those that represent feelings of shame and nervousness. To help you recognize them all, we listed some of the most common types of smiles. Now it's up to you to decide which suits you best!

Different Types of Smiles According to the Shapes of Your Lip


The Closed-Lip Smile

You can get a clear image of this smile just from its name alone: lips are closed, and teeth aren't visible. If by all means you encounter anyone smiling at you this way, trust me that he or she is hiding something! It's no wonder politicians use this one all the time...


The Lopsided Smile

The lopsided smile, aka the twisted smile, is when one side of someone's mouth goes upwards, while the other side goes down. It usually represents a state of mixed emotions. While the ''down'' side might signal that a negative outcome for you is in the making, the ''up'' side cancels it out with its more positive point of view. Phew! Looks like you're in the clear after all!


The Forced Smile

The most unnatural among different types of smiles, the forced smile, accompanied with full-on grin and soulless eyes, gives the feeling that the person using it isn't very interested in what you are saying. All those friendships are destroyed with this smile!


The Genuine Smile

Enough with the moody smiles! This one is the best and most joyful of all! You don't have to work for it, it comes naturally; and when it does, you start grinning from ear to ear, your eyes start sparkling and your whole face lights up. So viva la genuine smile!


The Sneer

This typical sarcastic smile is the one where corners of the mouth start going in the direction of ears, thus making so-called sneering dimples. The person who sneers rarely has respect or empathy towards anyone, so it's no surprise that it is mostly common among criminals and psychiatric patients.


The Smug Smile

Here's one you definitely know! Pressed together lips with a slightly raised side. Get the picture? And while being one of the most favorite smiles to wear, it also has a wide range of meanings. It could be a sign of arrogance, satisfaction, and could even be used while flirting. 


Open Mouth Smile

Another one of different types of smiles, the open mouth smile is somewhat like a frozen laugh. It is not very good to wear on an everyday basis since it doesn't look natural, but it's great for pictures. It radiates happiness, and will make all of your selfies pop!


Flirtatious Smile

This one is similar to the smug smile, and as the name says, its prime role is flirting. It is considered to be incredibly mysterious, sexy and inviting, particularly in women who tend to make it even more attractive by biting and licking their lips. 


The Botox Smile

When you are tired, but feel the need to smile, you might carry on a Botox smile and it looks like you have just been injected with Botox. Having said that, it isn't surprising that this smile carries the same name, due to the rigidness and expressionless face it leaves.

More Types of Smiles According to Your Feelings and Emotions


Sweet Smile

The smile is too hard to resist. It will melt your heart away and there's nothing you can do about it!


Thoughtful Smile

It comes to you naturally when you think about something or someone you care for. You can't help but smile because what you are thinking about just brings up so many great memories!


I Know It All Smile

Very common among elders, this smile is the reflection of great knowledge that is accumulated by people during their lifetimes.


Lucky Smile

The smile to wear when luck finally finds its way to you!


Amused Smile

Well it isn't very hard to notice that a person is entertained when the amused one is on.


Naughty Or Up-to-No-Good Smile

You know when you get caught doing something you shouldn't have done? Yup, this is how you smile then.


Satisfied Smile

Nothing can beat this smile that breaks on your face after an experience which makes your heart full!


Confident Smile

You don't need an excuse to wear this one, so why not wear it all the time? Your grin will show everyone that there is no room for low self-esteem in your life!


Proud Smile

The smile shows that you are proud of someone. So if your mother has this one on, you have done a good job, my friend!


The Reminiscent Smile

This is the kind of smile that breaks on your face after a good trip down memory lane with your comrades!


The Sleepy Smile

Don't you just love when you wake up fully refreshed, to the song of birds and smell of the morning coffee? Your smile says you do!


The Surrender Smile

That's it. You have reached the bottom and there is nothing left to do except smile at the joke on your own life.


The Lonely Smile

This is the not-so-happy smile among those different types of smiles that forms when you are all by yourself, standing face to face with your own demons.


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