Ask any woman the basic physical attributes that they look for in a man and the popular answer will always be tall, dark and handsome. But is it really just a cliché answer or do girls like tall guys for real? Girls want to give a fair chance to all the guys that come their way, but inside they still prefer someone taller. Of course, girls still value character and personality before physical aspects. But if you are just plain curious as to why most girls like someone taller, we’ve compiled a list of reasons.

Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys?


Woman simply cannot help it

According to studies, it’s in a woman’s genes to prefer someone taller than they are, because height signifies strength, protection, and assurance of healthy babies.


​His arms alone can be a selfie stick

And that would make one good shot, considering that his height can provide a perfect angle for girls.


​Girls can wear heels as much as they wish

Dating someone shorter means that girls have to compromise on their fashion so as not to hurt his ego. But if he’s taller, no one can stop a woman from wearing those stilettos.


Concerts will be all the more fun

With the sea of people in an open arena, one piggy back ride is enough to get a better view of the performers. Even better if he can carry a woman on his shoulders.


Walking with him is like exercising

With his long strides, walking with a tall guy is already the same like exercising those calves and toning those legs.  Besides, all those tiptoe kisses definitely help shape her legs.


Forehead kiss will be effortless

One kiss on the forehead and a woman already feels better. All the better if her tall boyfriend does this without any effort, whether they are sitting, lying or standing.


He will be easy to find

With his height, finding him in the mall would be super easy. And if her anxiety starts to attack, seeing him even from afar already calms any girlfriend down.


Top shelves will not be a problem anymore

Short girls hate top shelves, or anything that is hard to reach, but with a tall guy’s arms, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. From peanut butter to faulty light bulbs, everything is within reach.


​Girls easily fit into his arms

A quick hug is what a girl needs after a long day of work. And if her boyfriend is tall and has those long slender arms to wrap around her, all those stress will immediately be gone.


His shirts automatically turn to a dress

Do girls like tall guys because girls can wear their boyfriends' t-shirts and turn their clothes into a dress or a cute pajama? Yes.


His height alone scares other boys away

 All he needs to do is just to stand beside his girl and those other guys who are planning to catcall her would immediately be gone.


Travelling with him means extra legroom

With his long legs, he obviously won’t fit in those cramped seats, hence an upgrade is needed. That means an upgrade for his girl too!


​He's the designated lightbulb changer

And for many things that a girl needs to fix in the ceiling, he’ll be the one to do them without the ladders.


He won't tumble over when his girl run and jump on him.

Attack him behind the back or surprise him with a tackle and he would still be standing tall!


He has got some good genes

Even if the girl is lacking in height, her tall boyfriend will pass on his good tall genes to their children. Of course it’s fifty-fifty, but that’s still a great percentage right?


​He makes his girl feels like a fairy

Because he is so tall and his girl is so tiny, the girl can be like his personal Tinkerbell!


He really is fashionable

Because clothes are designed for tall people, he literally looks good in whatever clothes he wear.


​He’s the perfect companion for the rainy season

Let him handle the umbrella and his girlfriend will stay perfectly dry under his arms.


He and his girl fit together perfectly

Wherever the girl is, they seem to fit perfectly in every space and corner. Their height just simply complements each other.


Height becomes the criteria to judge a guy

Because of the experience of dating a taller guy, a girl immediately measures up other guys against him. Even if it’s her best friend's boyfriend or just about any other guys, if they are not even as tall as him, it’s already a no for her.


​He can be the personal bodyguard

He is your tall man and other guys would be intimidated by his height. Do girls like tall guys? If he’s going to make his girlfriend feel safe, then by all means.


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