The strongest foundation of every relationship is trust, because you can never love someone you don’t trust. But aside from this, there are other factors that affect a guy’s impression about a girl. Some of these are personality, physique and looks. When it comes to how to be attractive to guys, one of the common questions among girls is if men find short women charming. Does height really matter?

Do Guys Like Short Girls?

Guess what, men do like short girls! Even guys are not sure why they find short girls attractive, maybe it is because everything just looks so cute when it comes to small stuff. Just imagine a puppy, isn’t he so adorable?

But height is not that important as it does not determine the strength and authenticity of a relationship. Guys can be with someone whom they find attractive and someone they are comfortable and happy with. Physical attributes count but what’s really important is the beauty a girl beholds within. 

Why Do Guys Like Shorter Girls?


Men need to feel masculine

Men are wired to feel the need of taking care of their partners. When a guy can protect and take good care of his woman, he feels fulfilled and manly. Maybe men like short girls because it is easier for them to do this.


Men tend to be protective

Strong and independent women do not need a man to protect them because they can take care of themselves, but shorter girls sometimes tend to be bullied by others and men want to be there to defend them. Being needed by someone makes men feel good about themselves.


Hugs become sweeter

Although hug is not a major factor in choosing someone to love, it does feel better with someone shorter. If you are still thinking “Do guys like short girls?” the answer is yes, because it's easier for guys to give their girl a warm hug.


Short girls are lighter to carry

Men love to make things sweet and fun by picking up their partner. If a girl is shorter, it will be easier for guys to carry them in their arms, just like carrying their baby girl.


Tall girls can be intimidating for men

Men may not admit it, but sometimes they feel intimidated by tall girls as they look stronger and more independent. Men need to feel that they have the upper hand, but being around tall girls might make them feel they are the one who should follow, which makes them feel like a lesser man.


Short girls look proportionate

Men do not really care about the size of jeans you wear, as long as you look good for them. Do guys like short girls? Yes, because short girls have a more proportionate body compared to tall girls. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.


It is what’s “normal”

In our society, we believe that the guy should always be taller than the girl. It is because this is what we have seen from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Although this is not a rule that should be followed, this is the norm we have grown up to.


Men need to be in charge

Men’s ego is very important for them, and winning is one of their boosters. Every time a couple plays games, men will always let the girl win. But deep within, they know they can easily win the game because they are bigger and stronger.


Men need to be needed

One of the reasons "Why do guys like short girls?" is because shorter girls will always ask for their help each time they need to reach something that is too high for them. Even if a girl is independent, she will eventually ask for her man’s help when she gets tired of always having to go up on a chair to get that jar of sugar on top of the kitchen cabinet.


It is easier to kiss a short girl

Kissing is one of the manifestations of love that is why having a good and sweet kiss is essential in every relationship. Men like shorter girls because it is easier for them to give that subtle and sincere kiss without having to stand on their toes or something.


Short girls are cute even when mad

Men find short girls cute even when they are mad that is why they just laugh it off when the girl starts yelling. This is one important answer to the question, "Why do guys like short girls?"


Short girls look cute when they eat a lot

Men are amazed when they see short girls who eat a lot, and sometimes they eat more than their man. Men find this cute. No you don’t have to binge; just make sure you finish everything you picked on the menu.


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