Do your pupils dilate when you like someone? Thanks to Hollywood and several popular TV series, we all know this. But hold on. Is this yet another myth paraded by the big wigs in Hollywood as a fact? What are other responses your body gives when you are facing someone you really like? Here we've summarized all possible answers to give a clear insight into this issue.

Do Pupils Dilate When You Like Someone?

As it turns out, whenever you see someone you like, your pupils do dilate. It’s a physiological response that you have no control over and can easily betray your feelings to onlookers. And it’s one of the strongest physical responses the body gives off to convey their emotions to a person they are attracted to. A strong eye contact and your eyes’ blink rate can also very easily indicate how you truly feel.

The word "pupil" means "doll-like reflections of people" in Latin. So when you see someone you like, your eyes dilate as if they are trying to see as much of that person as possible.

  • In this process, your body's autonomic nervous system plays a great part in the uncontrollable pupil dilation, which controls the muscles of the irises and makes your pupil dilate when you see someone you like.

  • Besides, this pupil dilation is also related to sexual excitement and arousal, which stimulates the pupil to expand to make you focus and heighten your attention.

You get a positive answer to the question, "Do pupils dilate when you like someone?" but know that sometimes, the environment can greatly affect the dilation (or lack of dilation) of your pupils.

  • For example on sunny days, it’s natural for your pupils to be as constricted as possible to let the least amount of sunrays in your eyes so as to not damage them. And if you happen to come across a hot dude on a sunny day, your pupils will NOT dilate because their need to protect your eyes outweighs their need to display your emotions.

  • Conversely, if you’re in a dimly lit place like a disco, then chances are your pupils will be dilated because your eyes need to let as much light into them as possible. In such a case, no matter who you meet, your eyes will be dilated and it will be impossible to tell whether it’s due to the light or due to your feelings for that person.

Other Signs When You Like Someone

Do pupils dilate when you like someone? Yes and that has been explained already. But did you know that your body has many different ways to express how you truly feel? Here are some useful body languages to keep in mind:
  • Your lips part. This is especially true for women.

  • You have raised eyebrows and your nostrils are flared, not in a bad/angry manner.

  • When you’re standing, your feet will face who you are talking to.

  • You touch your face often when speaking with that person.

  • Women will play with their hair. Men will smooth their hair or ruffle it, depending on the hairstyle they’re wearing for their date. It’s a subconscious way of making themselves appear better for the other person.

  • You tilt your head often when listening to that person.

  • You laugh or giggle frequently at what the other person says or does.

  • You adjust your socks. Again, your body is sending that person subconscious thoughts that you need to appear your best in front of him or her.

  • You sit with your back arched – a way to accentuate your curves as well as to emphasise your breasts.

  • You have a tendency to show off. And you do it only to impress that person, which means you are into him or her.

  • If you are at a bar with friends, you might be sitting or standing a little away from them in order to signal potential partners that you’re ready to mingle with them. You want to be seen as an individual (approachable) and not part of a group (unapproachable).

  • If you’re wearing a tux, you will smooth your lapel or tie.

  • As a girl, you will toss your hair when facing someone you like.

  • You touch your neck in order to “expose” more parts of your body to that person, and this is especially true for women.

  • You're sitting as closely to that person as possible without invading his or her personal space, of course. In some cases, you might end up sitting on the very edge of your chair or seat in order to be closer to that someone.

  • You lean in and shoulders square to that person without turning your back.

  • You smile genuinely often to that person or to his or her direction.

  • You may fiddle with your jacket’s buttons.

  • Do pupils dilate when you like someone? Yes, but there are more to your eyes. You maintain a strong eye contact and can't keep your eyes off that person.

  • You touch his or her hands, elbows or even shoulder from time to time, sometimes without even realizing it.

  • You look at his or her lips often, and you might also draw his or her attention to your lips.

  • You get sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach and fluttering hearts whenever you see that person.

  • When you finally talk to him or her, you become very excited and your voice get higher involuntarily.


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