You’ve always been the prettiest girl in your group, and you’ve always been aware of your beauty. Often, your looks are the first thing people notice about you and sadly, sometimes it’s the only thing they will ever notice about you. I mean of course you’re a lot more than your looks, but most of the times people are unable to see beyond that and judge you purely on the basis of your looks, which is something you’ve got used to. But now there’s this new guy in your life and you can’t help but wonder how he looks at you and want to know if he is just into your looks or more.

Does He Like Me Just for My Looks?

Since you’ve been burnt so many times before by superficial guys, you’re a lot more cautious now. Read through the following points and think over whether your guy likes you for who you are, or is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing who's only attracted by your looks?

He always shows interest in your clothes

It’s not like he outright dictates what you should and shouldn’t wear (or maybe he does). But you’ve noticed how unusually keen he always is about what you’re wearing, especially on outings with friends and family. Even if you’ve chosen something decent/modest or casual, he’ll always push you to one up the game and try something a little sexier. While this is understandable when in the company of his friends and their girlfriends, it’s completely inappropriate when in the company of his family. Know that when he starts telling you what to wear, then he’s very interested in simply showing you off – like a trophy he owns.


He enjoys other men looking at you

Why wouldn’t he? After all, you’re his trophy girlfriend and your only purpose in his life is to make him feel better about himself. There have been times when you’ve asked yourself, "Is this man hanging out with me or have we come here just so that he could have all eyes on me?" And you also know that if you didn’t dress well, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.


He criticises bad fashion choices

Does he like me just for my looks? Well, simply look at how he reacts to your taste in fashion. Now these choices aren’t limited to your clothes. It could be your shoes, your handbag, or even your new hairstyle. Your thoughts don’t even count, and he’ll be annoyed with you for not looking the way he wants you to look. That’s because in his mind, it’s his responsibility to make you look your best, according to his liking of course.


He compares you with other women

Of course that’s a dick move, and he’s aware of it. He does it nonetheless because he knows it’ll hurt you but he also knows it will push you to “do” better i.e. look better from the next time onward. He wants you to look how he wants you to look and if it means the only way to do so is by destroying your self-esteem, so be it.


Communication is always the same

Every weekend, it’s the same drill over and over again. He’ll tell you where to meet him and at what time, or he’ll tell you what time he will pick you up. You get dressed, you look your best, he compliments you on your looks, you people have a good dinner, and both of you either retire to your respective homes or end up having sex.

Serious or in-depth conversations have never been a part of your communication circle. And this makes you start to wonder, "Does he like me just for my looks?" and in this case, the answer is very likely a yes.


He doesn’t give you any emotional support

Why would he? He doesn’t view you as a human being with complex feelings, who is capable of feeling emotionally weak from time to time. Nah. You’re a lifeless supermodel for him who is just there to boost his ego – nothing more and nothing less. When you do message him telling him that you’re down in the dumps, he most probably will try to wiggle his way out by giving you some excuse or the other. Or he might even tell you sternly to get back to him when you feel better.


He won’t meet the people in your life

It’s all about him. He wants you to meet everybody in his life – his friends, family, colleagues, clients, professional contacts and even the garbage man. But when you ask him to meet people from your side, he’ll always behave as if he just saw two horns on your head.


He keeps an eye on your weight

I mean I get it – no guy wants his girl to become a fat whale, but come on. Gaining 3 pounds isn’t that big of a deal to you. It’s life, you know. But he isn’t as cool to your weight gain as you are. He goes ballistic and asks you to join a gym, go on a strict diet or do whatever it takes so that you can fit right back into that sexy black dress that he likes so much. Such an attitude betrays his true feelings about you. He doesn’t care for your health; he cares more about how you look. I guess this answers your question, "Does he like me just for my looks?"


You only have his attention when...

You’re at your sexy best, which is not a look you can manage all the time, especially when the two of you are just hanging out at home or going out for a simple cup of coffee. If you’re dressed like an average woman of your age i.e. normally/casually, he will always ask you to dress better. And God forbid if you refuse – he’ll throw a tantrum and most likely end up leaving you alone for the day.


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