The only reason you’re up this late googling words like “does he like me", "signs he like me” or "how to tell if he like me" is because you like this one guy and you aren’t sure of how he feels about you, right? And if you’ve tired of reading articles upon articles that keep on telling you contradictory signs of him liking you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Does He Really Like Me? Signs to Bear in Mind

So how do you tell if a guy likes you? Well, by keeping an eye out for the following obvious and not so obvious signs, of course! But before we get into them, do understand that displaying just 1-2 signs is not concrete evidence of his feelings for you. He might be a shy, awkward or extremely polite guy and you might mistake his nature as affection for you. This is why he needs to be displaying at least 3-4 signs mentioned below for you to believe that he has feelings for you.

He blushes in your presence

Now of course, this one is kinda obvious and you might be thinking, "Meh! What kind of a helpful tip is this?" And you’re right. This tip was for teenagers. If you’re an adult, you’re more likely to notice that he often won’t make eye contact with you when talking. Why? Because he doesn’t want you to see the expressions on his face. And why do you suppose that is?


He starts a lot of your conversations

Small talk, idle chatter or just plain old gossip – whatever it is, he’s always up for it because he really enjoys talking to you. And if he has nothing to say, he’s probably compensate by sending jokes or memes to you. So, girl, if he behaves like this, then you do not need to google words like “does he like me signs” because the answer is quite obvious.


He finds points of mutual interest

If you find it weird that he’s suddenly begun asking you about your fav movies, actors or bands, it’s because not only is he trying to get to know you better, but because he wants to know if you two have a shared passion. Science has shown that it’s always easier to bond with people on topics that interest both of you… And the more often you talk about it, the stronger the bond between you two is!


Mirroring happens

For those of you who didn’t know what mirroring is, it’s simply a person imitating what you’re doing, but subconsciously. It’s one of the easiest ways to know if he likes you or not. And if you wanna test him out, just try and subtly change your body positions when talking to him. If he changes his positions too, then bam! You have your answer.


He always explains his lack of a response

See he’s got a life and can’t be at your beck and call all the time. So on the rare occasion that he does not respond to your text or take your call, he will make sure that he explains his situation completely to you, as soon as he can. Never take such behavior for granted because he’s showing clear respect for your time and feelings.


He introduces you to his friends

If you’re still searching for words like "does he like me, signs to notice", then this is a very clear one. The only reason a guy will ever introduce you to his friends is either because he’s showing you off to them, or because he wants his friends to finally meet the girl he’s been raving about to them for so long now. He’s finally making it "official" to his friends, even if he hasn’t done so with you. He’s also easing you in with the people who surround him so that you feel comfortable in their presence.


He touches you playfully

Now I hope you know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touches! Touching you on your shoulders, elbows, waist, head, face, hair, feet or even ears are all acceptable places to be touched. Such touches are light and spontaneous and often are his body’s subconscious way of signaling you that he’s into you.


His face lights up with a smile whenever you’re around

I mean, sure he’s always smiling when he’s with people that he loves, but that smile he gives you is different. It’s his extra special smile that you haven’t seen him give to anybody else.


He compliments you often

He wants to get in your good books and if he thinks flattery is the way to go, then he’ll go in all the way. Do forgive him for his stupidity, because you should focus on the fact that he’s doing it all to impress you.


He remembers the smallest of details

Now I’m not saying that he has a photographic memory, but he’s often surprised you by revealing things about you that you mentioned in passing, hasn’t he? And this is stuff that you honestly don’t even remember sharing with him. Now why would he remember them? Because you’re someone special to him and he wants to show you exactly how much you mean to him. So if you still wonder "Does he like me?" signs like this give you the exact answer – of course, he does!


He faces you

Whenever you’re in a group or just the two of you together, you will notice that he will sit or stand while facing you (most of the time). It’s just one of the things one’s body does and he probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.


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