So something’s off about that guy friend of yours, and while you’ve ignored it for a while, it’s not time to address the elephant in the room. You’ve now been asking yourself,”Does he have feelings for me?” And you don’t know where to even begin. But that’s okay, it’s normal to be scared and confused. We will help you tangle this question here.

Does My Guy Friend Have Feelings for Me?

Read through the following points and if over 50% of them apply to your friend, then he for sure likes you.

He’s not acting like his usual self

It’s what tipped you off, didn’t it? There’s just something about his behavior that seems off. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s there. And that’s why you’re reading this article trying to find out how he really feels about you.


He begins complimenting you

Or at least, he’s been complimenting you more than usual. Most friends of the opposite sex tend to keep excessive compliments at bay because otherwise it might make things weird. But if you’ve noticed an increase in compliments, no matter how subtle, then you should know there is something going on.


He mentions “a girl” he likes

But he never names her, no matter how much you force him to reveal her name to you. He will come up to you and ask you for tips on how to impress her, what to gift her, etc. This is more suspicious if he’s the type of person who doesn’t hesitate to share everything with you, including past crushes and exes.


You catch him staring at you

This is weird because why would a friend stare at you behind your back, until and unless planning an elaborate prank on you? It’s abnormal for anyone to stare softly at a friend for no reason. Why would he do that? Catching him staring at you at random moments and then looking embarrassed or immediately turning his sight to somewhere else when caught – this is a red flag.


It’s easier to get him embarrassed

It’s not easy to embarrass a good friend of yours. But if a small compliment or a tease about his new crush, or if someone else teases him about the two of you as a couple gets him red in the face, it’s because he likes you.


He tries to get more chances to talk to you

“Does my guy friend have feelings for me?” Well, keep an eye out for increased communication. It can be in the form of cute animal pictures, jokes or just stupid small talk. But there has been an increase across all channels like Twitter, WhatsApp and SnapChat. Quicker replies could also indicate he’s into you. If he’s not the type of person that likes to communicate digitally, then you would have noticed how more often you’ve been accidentally bumping into him at the most random places, or how he finds excuses to spend more time with you either in a group or just with you.


He makes more plans to hang out with you

And when this comes from someone who barely made the effort to meet up with you, it can be a tad suspicious. The burden of planning all outings always fell onto you previously, but now, he’s the one goes out of his way to make plans with you, and not only does he initiate these plans, but also makes sure he never stands you up. That’s because he likes you, girl.


He notices the little things about you

Before, his attitude was like, ”Meh, I don’t remember your favorite movie even if you told me about it only a hundred times.” But now his attitude is like, ”Oh hey, speaking of red, do you remember that red umbrella you loved so much that you happened to mention to me 6 months ago? Yeah, I found a replica at a thrift shop that I’m gonna buy and give you as a surprise gift for just no reason whatsoever.”

Also, every time you get a new hair cut, dress or even a new shade of nail polish, he’ll be the first to notice it and compliment you on it. I think it safely answers your question,”Does my guy friend have feelings for me?”


He pays more attention to his appearance

Remember how embarrassed you used to be because he dressed like a hobo and you had to go to the mall with him looking like a deranged person? Well now, he starts dressing up nicely and looks better groomed than ever before. Hmmm.... I wonder what the reason could be. *wink wink*


He begins.... flirting with you!

And this is from someone who previously labelled you as a potato incapable of attracting any good men in your life (as a joke, obviously). Flirting is a sure shot sign that someone has a crush on you. And you KNOW the difference when someone flirts as a joke and when someone flirts with you in a non platonic way.


There are more physical contacts

Wondering,”Does my guy friend have feelings for me?” Then think this point out.

Friendships between men and women aren’t based on a lot of physical contact. It’s just awkward for all parties involved. But you’ve noticed lately how he’s gotten touchy feely with you. Not in a creepy way – it’s just that the frequency has increased remarkably. Playful arms around your shoulder, hugging you when saying goodbye and even accidentally brushing against you – all of this never happened before.


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