We’d like to inform our readers that as weird as it may sound, men face domestic violence too. And that too by women. That is a serious issue that requires immediate attention of everybody. Of course, the number may be not as high as women being abused by men, but then again, minority does not mean we can brush it off like nothing. Here are others' stories and experiences to reveal how bad domestic violence against man can be.

Stories of Men Experiencing Domestic Violence

For those of you who thought that domestic violence against men stories were nothing but jokes, think again!

The sharp nail filer

I used to be in a relationship with a woman named Karen. And boy, she is hot. She fits perfectly into the “hot and crazy” stereotype that society has for women, but I didn’t care because she was, well, so freaking gorgeous in my eyes. We would always hang out at her place and it all began with her verbal insults, which kept increasing day by day. That turned to verbal abuse and one fine day, to domestic violence.

I remember I was watching TV late at night because I was not able to sleep. Out of nowhere, Karen walked down the stairs with a nail filer in her hand, and stabbed my left shoulder blade with it. I bled profusely and when I asked why she did that, she casually said it was because she thought I was cheating on her. Just like that. Needless to say, I packed my bags and left her for good the next day.


The embarrassing lunch

I have one of the craziest domestic violence against men stories you’ll ever hear. So, this happened 3 years ago with my then long-term girlfriend Nisha. After a year of being steady, she shifted into my apartment. Come to think of it, the signs were always there. She always over reacted when I talked to other girls, and she even punched me in the stomach time and again. And it worsened when she shifted with me. I kept overlooking her jealous/suspicious nature because I was deeply in love with her. I would never accept her punches as violence, because I was one of those people who thought women could never physically abuse men!

Anyway, I remember I was out with this female client for lunch (some business related meeting) and Nisha just happened to be in the vicinity. She saw me having lunch with the client, and she flipped her marbles. She came shouting in the restaurant, embarrassing me deeply because all eyes were either on her or me. Then she took this plate off the hands of a waiter and threw it at me. I lunged, but it hit me in my thighs and the glass shards made a deep cut on my skin. And because that wasn’t enough, she accused me of cheating on her and slapped and punched me several times. In front of my client. I was too embarrassed to go to the cops about this incident, even when there were so many eye witnesses. I now wish I had.


The unexpected baby

This happened when I was 18, barely an adult and a complete idiot. So anyway, I fell in love with my classmate and because both of us were stupid, she got pregnant. I obviously didn’t want the child but she emotionally manipulated and guilted me into having one. Among all domestic violence against men stories, mine may make you laugh but feel sad at the same time. During the pregnancy, she would humiliate me publicly and abuse me verbally, but I always told myself – It’s the hormones, not her fault. But her temper got worse and worse, until one day she punched me so hard that I bled from my nose. I put up with it all without knowing I was a victim of domestic abuse, until 7 years later.


The humble me

My ex was the worst human being on the planet. And I was a complete idiot for being so trusting of her. Whenever something wrong happened, she would blame me for it. Always. After 1 year there came a time when I had to think 100 times before saying something to her for fear of angering her and being punched in the gut for that. It's safe to say that the 5-year marriage I had with her was the worst thing in my life.

And to be honest, the violence was the easiest of her abuse to cope with. The most troubling part of our relationship was the way she controlled my mind and body. She made me feel like I was a worthless human being, which was one of the major reasons I was so afraid of leaving her – I was scared I was such a shitty person that I’d end up lonely and die pathetically. And the thought of being all alone in this world, considering I’m an introverted orphan, was the scariest thought in the world for me.


A horror movie in real life

This is one of those crazy domestic violence against men stories that makes you wonder how twisted some women can be. I thought I was in a relationship with this amazing and sweet girl, but I was really really wrong! So after 6 months of completely being in love with each other, we decided to rent our own place. One lazy Sunday afternoon, as we were watching a horror movie, she quietly got up in the middle of the movie and went to the kitchen.

And just like that, she came to me carrying a large pot of soup and throwing it at me. Caught by surprise, I didn’t have time to react and the next half an hour was the worst of my life. She kept hitting me with whatever she could find – dishes, cutlery, and even small chairs. I thought I would reason with her but seeing how she got more and more erratic, I simply bolted out of the house in my boxers. I don’t know what happened to her next because that was the last time I ever saw or heard from her.


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