Isn’t it amazing how a person can grow like a young bud blossoming into a very elegant flower? A year can mean a lot to a person; it can bring so many changes, including the way you see things. Remember how idealistic you were when you were only 21 and fresh from college? Now that you are almost 30, have you noticed how much you’ve changed and matured because of a series of events that happened in your life? This article will tell you some differences when you were only at your early 20s and now when you are at your late 20s.

Early 20s vs. Late 20s


At early 20s, you want a boyfriend and you only care about his physical qualities because you just want someone you can exchange cute text messages with. But when you reach late 20s, you don’t want to waste time with hot douchebags, but want someone who is responsible and someone you can spend the rest of your life with.


 At early 20s, you don’t care if it is right for you or not as long as others are impressed by you. But during the late 20s, you don’t care about what others think, as long as you feel good inside.


At early 20s, you can easily brush off excuses, but once you reach late 20s, you don’t accept excuses, you have good self-esteem and you won’t take anything less than you deserve.


When you are as young as early 20s, sex is very important in your relationship, you want a boyfriend to always be down there for you. On your late 20s, you realize that a solid relationship is way better than sex. This is one good difference of the early 20s vs. late 20s.


Couples on their early 20s mostly think about where they’re going to have their dinner next, but for those on their late 20s, they think about where their relationship will be next.


At early 20s, you want someone to comfort you, someone whom you can sleep with and wake up with in the morning. But on your late 20s, having someone to build your life with rather than someone you can wake up with is more important.


While you are still at your early 20s, night life and partying until the wee hours of the morning excites you very much, but on your late 20s, you’d rather stay home, read a good book and have enough sleep.


At early 20s, your fashion sense depends on what’s new and what’s hot, even if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. So early 20s vs. late 20s -- what's the difference in this aspect? On your late 20s, brands don’t matter anymore and what’s hot don’t matter anymore. As long as it looks good on you and has good quality, and you feel comfortable wearing it, then you’re good to go.


At early 20s, wearing makeup means making sure you sparkle and putting tons of makeup, regardless of the quality as long as you look perfect, but when you reach late 20s, the quality of your makeup means a lot to you. You prefer wearing natural look makeup on a daily basis.


Your taste for boyfriends at early 20s is superficial. You want someone who is hot and making out in bed is a regular part of your date. But when you reach late 20s, looks are still important for you but you prefer someone with a good personality.


Another big difference coming from the comparison of early 20s vs. late 20s is your metabolism. At early 20s, your metabolism is fast, no matter how rich in calories and carbohydrates you eat, you still maintain that skinny body, but you still think you’re fat. A few years later, when you reach late 20s, your metabolism starts to slow down, and you just wish that you have the body that you thought was fat years ago.


During your early 20s, you drive your dream car no matter how expensive it is because you rely on your parents for its maintenance anyway. On your late 20s, you don’t care how old your car is as long as you get the value of your money from it.


When it comes to the latest gadgets, early 20s and late 20s almost always have the same taste because some things just never change.


At early 20s, time is not a big deal for you, but at the stage of late 20s, you believe that time is gold.


At early 20s, you tend to be friendly to almost everyone, as long as they are available to drink with you and have fun, but at late 20s, you realize that quality is better than quantity.


You overspend during your early 20s; you have your parents to give you money when you need it anyway. But when you are at your late 20s, you tend to be more financially literate and responsible.


Early 20s vs. late 20s -- what's the difference when it comes to drinking alcohol? People at early 20s tend to drink until they drop, but those on their late 20s have self-control and are more responsible in drinking alcohol.


At early 20s, you don’t care how secure a bar is as long as there’s loud music and you can dance. But at late 20s, you want a place that’s comfortable and secure.


When it comes to driving, you try to see if there is a cop behind and go beyond the speed limit. That’s what you do during your early 20s. But during your late 20s, you realize that defensive and responsible driving is very important.


At early 20s, you don’t mind if your room is dirty as long as your mom won’t see it, but during late 20s, you feel like you’ll lose your mind if everything is a mess.


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