Doing something sweet and complementary for your loved one is a noble deed which will not only strengthen your bond, will make the other person feel special and important in your life, placing yourself among the most amazing, highly creative persons they’ve met, not to mention you’ll seem witty and caring, which is a positive sign that you’re worthy of their affection.

If you want to come up with a decent love poem that will impress your girlfriend, there are a few basic rules you should stick to when writing poems.

Easy Steps to Write the Best Love Poems for Her

Know the person for whom you are writing the love poem for

First is first, pick your Valentine. Whether is a secret crush, your current boyfriend/girlfriend, new/long term relationship, husband/wife, you have to know the boundaries of expressing feelings. Should that be mild or highlighted depends of the bond you’ve developed with your chosen Valentine, knowing the person very well gives you plenty of writing material on your disposal. But, if you are at the beginning of the relationship try not scaring your beloved Valentine and spare him from too many emotions, stick to compliments and keep it short.

Convert the clichés – put your own touch and add a twist

Just give the cliché love poems, new, fresh and unpredictable twist. Use them as your basic and change them with witty phrases and different twists, it will make your love poem sound fun and intriguing.

Be genuine - that’s how the poem will have the desired outcome

Nobody will want to hear a poem that’s insincere in fact it will reveal that you know nothing about this person, and knowing nothing means you don’t care enough. For example stop trying to write as you are Shakespeare, write as yourself. Shakespeare didn’t knew and date your Valentine, you do, and you should come up with your own words that will mean something and will be true for that other person.

Make it rhyme – a poem always sounds better when it rhymes

Putting a little bit of effort in something is always rewarding. Just spend few more minutes on thinking of words that rhyme, you’ll find it’s not that hard as you think it is. Once you get started, it will be easier and the words will flow. Just concentrate on the sentence and pay attention if the word that rhymes makes sense in the verse.

Don’t get caught in rhyming – exaggerating with rhymes doesn’t make the poem better

You don’t have to find a word that rhymes for every word in the poem, writing should be fun, don’t put too much pressure about the rhyming, overthinking it and exaggerating will kill the poem’s meaning. Simply enjoy in the process and make it fun with your own words.

Follow the theme – do not wander off the point

Straying from the subject is not good in any poem, especially a love one. It shows you are sloppy and not trying enough. Every transition in the poem should flow smoothly, not to be rushed into another concept that has nothing to do with the previous one. The overall poem should stick to to the theme, not to be lost somewhere in between

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