What does emotionally unavailable mean? There is a group of people who tend to be emotionally unavailable, this does not mean that they have trouble expressing their emotions; it simply means that they do not care or do not even experience those emotions that most people go through in their day-to-day lives. This means that all sorts of feelings such as anger, love, compassion, grief, concern do not hit them as hard as they do to normal people.

Some people who are in a relationship with one or have been in relationships with emotionally unavailable men would know what the red flags are. Some might think that it is the right thing to understand and stick it out. However, for those who want to be emotionally invested in one relationship, they should know some red flags or methods of figuring out emotionally unavailable men.

Are You Dating with Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Here are a number of ways in which you can tell for sure whether you are or have been in a relationship with a man who is emotionally unavailable. Note these red flags and find out whether your man is emotionally unavailable.

Refuse Conversation

Although everybody may not be a chatterbox, but it is still easy to figure out when a person is being tight lipped about important issues. An emotionally unavailable man will refuse to share or have a heart to heart talk, when something exciting happens or something goes wrong, or even you are just have a good time together.

A heart to heart does not signify a conversation with mushy feelings, instead, it means getting to know each other even if it is over a baseball game with you two drinking beer together. Bonding is important and if he refuses to share an intimate aspect of his life with you, then you can say that your man can be emotionally unavailable.


Difficult to Communicate

As for communication, emotionally unavailable men usually hold a no-cooperated attitude. They will not answer your point-blank questions directly, or they may act as blankly when being asked.


Have Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive aggressive behavior is nothing to be pleased about. It can simply ruin your day and bring you down from a great mood to a really bad one. When someone is a passive aggressive person, he or she tends to escape from facing very real problems and dealing with them in the right manner. Such men will never tend to follow through with commitments, and you just can never really rely on them whatever the situation is.


Have Addictions on Certain Aspects

No matter its drug addiction, caffeine addiction or even an alcohol addition, this sign refers to your man have addictions to an obsession extent, like certain substance, work, food, porn, sports, etc. It is great to be passionate, yet being completely fixated on one thing can set distance in one relation.


Have an Affair

Now this is probably the biggest red flag in any kind of a relationship. When you find out that your man has an interest in any other woman, he tends to become emotionally unavailable towards you. When he is invested in another woman or in another relationship then he is probably not going to have any attention, love or care left over for you.


Tell Lies

Emotionally unavailable men tend to tell lies to get rid of responsibilities. For example, he might be hanging at a strip club when he tells you that he was in a church.


Refuse to Argue or Get Angry with You

Emotionally unavailable men tend to be either refuse to argue or rage about you when you bring up something they don't want to involve. Refusing argument can be a sign of the man close his emotions; raging about you can reveal that he cannot handle his emotions.


Make Decisions Unilaterally

Emotionally unavailable men would make decisions unilaterally. They tend to decide something relating to both of you without asking for your opinions, like adopting a puppy or conducting a vasectomy.

Are YOU Emotionally Unavailable Men?

If you are a man, it can be hard to tell whether you are one of those who tend to be emotionally unavailable. Sometimes the behavior is subconscious and you do not know what you are doing. Here are a few ways of making sure what kind of a man you are in a relationship.

  1. Do you always find yourself angry with women? Are you fond of make jokes at other's expense? If you do, you may need some help to get rid of your past unhappy experience before starting another relationship.
  2. Do you cancel plans and avoid getting together with your partner?

  3. Do you despise depending on anyone at any level? Do you think you are independent enough to need anyone in your life?

  4. Do you avoid falling in love in the fear that you might become vulnerable and get hurt?

  5. Are you always waiting for things to go wrong?

  6. Do you have trust issues?

  7. Do you like to keep you choices open for someone better?

  8. Is intimacy something that you tend to avoid?

  9. Do you feel uncomfortable to talk about something personal or about your feelings? Are you ashamed of any of your secrets?

  10. Are you afraid of too many expectations brought by a relationship on you? Do you feel uncomfortable for giving up your independence or autonomy when enter into a relationship?

If your answer to some of these questions was a yes, then you do need to worry about the emotional availability that you portray. If you are dating with such an emotionally unavailable man, unwilling further intimacy is not recommended. Getting some counseling can be good to improve your relationship with fulfilling intimacy.


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