Sometimes, just sometimes, you don’t want to hang out with people. It might be because you don’t like them as much as they like you, because they’re clingy, because they always give you some responsibility or the other, because you’re just too awkward or tired to do anything but sleep, or because you have anxiety. Whatever your reasons may be, the thing is, you’ve been invited somewhere you really don’t wanna go, which has forced you to look up on excuses to get out of it.

15 Good Excuses to Get Out of Something

Well, worry not. Here are some fantastic excuses that can practically get you out of…anything!

Special delivery

Well, you can’t really step out of your home when the delivery guy could arrive at any moment, can you? What’s worse, you don’t have his number to tell him to reach you after a certain period of time! Ooops! End your statement with a fake promise - "I'll come as soon as the delivery arrives." And boom! You’ve earned yourself a few brownie points while refusing to go out on an event you were invited to.



Something like “My asshole boss dumped all his work on me and expects me to finish 3 days’ worth of projects in 24 hours. What a way to spend my weekend!” Not only have you given excuses to get out of something, but you’ve also earned your friends’ pity. And they definitely won’t have the heart to force you to socialize when you’re having such a ‘shit’ time, right?


“Sure, just pick me up”

This works wonderfully if you have no conveyance of your own and the taxi charges are high. Picking and dropping you off, especially if you live in a further corner of the town, will prove to be quite the hassle for your friends.


Car troubles

Excuses about having a flat tire or having car troubles always work. Promise them to meet them as soon as the issue’s fixed, and then a couple of hours later, when the party’s about to end, call and ask if you should come. There’s a 99% chance they will say “Don’t bother, everybody’s gone anyway.”


Laundry troubles

Something like “The color of my red leggings bled onto my good clothes.” works well, mostly because you really have no last minute substitute for good clothes. Or something like “My machine’s suddenly stopped working.”


Unexpected guests

But make them believable excuses to get out of something, like suddenly having over close family or friends who wanted to surprise you and will force you to spend your weekend with them.


Use your child’s health as an excuse

A person would have to be a really selfish asshole to force you to socialize when your child is ‘sick’ at home, you know. This is a bumper excuse, but you can’t use it very often otherwise your friends will grow suspicious of you.


Use your dog as an excuse

If you don’t have a child, then use your pet. Say they’re sick or that they have to be taken to the vet’s. Or that you can’t find a pet sitter on such short notice.



Don’t have a pet or a child? Use your health issues as excuses to get out of something. And what better health problem to share than diarrhea? It’s not like there’s a substitute for it, you know. Apart from meds, which don’t exactly work instantaneously.



Pushing your plans eve by a couple of hours would prove to be inconvenient for your friends, especially if it’s something like the movies. Or if you’re invited to an outing that involves a lot of people. It’s nearly impossible to find a time and place that conveniences every single one of them. The event organizer would rather have you not show up than go through the hassle of asking everybody else whether they can adjust their plans according to yours.



If you’re a student or someone who works at bare minimum wages, well, this is one excuse that will always come to your rescue, especially on outings where you’re forced to divide the costs of everybody who always eat more stuff than you!


“Have you forgotten I’m a vegan?”

Again, not an excuse that everybody can use, but it’s fantastic for actual vegans or vegetarians. Just tell them you don’t appreciate being invited to events that go against your principles and moral fiber, and if they can’t understand/respect your stand, then they’re better off without you. Bonus: Sound indignant, angry or hurt on the phone in order to make them feel guilty over inviting you.



Sorry guys, there are just some excuses to get out of something that you simply can’t use. And it’s not exactly something you can just ‘run along with’, right?


Blame your doc

The easiest doctor to blame would be your dentist. Say you had a filling or a root canal, and that you’re writhing in pain or have been told to consume only liquids for a certain period of time. Restricting your options like this, especially if you’re invited to a lunch or dinner, dampens the mood for others.


Religious/spiritual reasons

You can always say “Not Tuesdays. Those days I fast” or “Sundays are my me-days where I break off contact with everybody and devote my time to meditation and yoga.” Or something on the lines of these sentences that would align more with your personality/nature.


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