Married life is a bit different than living as a bachelor. There are a few things guys will miss being able to do once they're hitched, and some things that women really prefer their man does before walking down the aisle. Here are 21 experiences men should have before marriage according to a female perspective. 

Part 1


Swear Like A Sailor

Men cuss more than women, but that doesn’t mean your new wife will be okay with it. Get all your four-letter words out now, because once you’re married, you’ll be constantly encouraged to quit swearing like a sailor.

Online Dating

Online dating is so popular right now, and it’s okay to be curious to check it out. You better be prepared to answer some tough questions if you wait to take a peek at sites after you put a ring on it.

Video Games

You can sit around and play video games all weekend while you’re single, but your wife may expect you to actually be productive.

Dating Around

You may feel like you missed out if you get married without exploring your options.

Tech Savvy

Men like their toys, and they also like to spend a lot of money on the newest models. However, your wife will have better things for you to spend your money on, so splurge while you still can.



Whether it’s fantasy football or Thursday night softball, men should get as much of their sports fix while still single. It’ll be hard to devote as much time to your teams when you’re a husband and father.

Living Alone

Living alone provides men with the opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves and their own place. Your wife will appreciate that you know how to keep wet towels off the floor and can recognize when it’s time to clean the toilet.

Momma’s Boy

All men are a momma’s boy at some point in their lives, but women hate it! Your wife wants to be the main woman in your life, so go ahead and soak up being a momma’s boy as long as you can.

Strip Clubs

Some wives may not mind if their husband goes to strip clubs, but it’s more likely that they’re just pretending to be okay with it. Men should have their x-rated fun before there’s a woman waiting at home for them.


Traveling alone offers so much more freedom and choice, not that traveling with your wife wouldn’t be fun.



Some fantasies are fun for married couples to live out, while others can be damaging to the relationship. If you have always wanted a menage a trois, then it’s a good idea to check it off your list prior to committing to an exclusive relationship.


Finishing your education is a lot easier while you're single. Being single makes it easier to focus on school and allows you to explore more options.

Life Goals

Decide what you want out of life before you start to focus on sharing it with someone.

Importance Of Communication

Communication is key in every relationship. Some guys just don’t realize how important it is for them to openly share their emotions. Learning this early will save you many fights once you’re married.


You can't always get your way. Compromising shows your wife that you really care and are willing to sacrifice to make things work with her.


Home Projects

Every man should be handy with a hammer. Plus, she’ll have a bunch of things for you to hang when you move in together.

Broken Heart

You have to experience a broken heart before you can understand the pain you’re capable of inflicting on someone who loves you.

Learn To Listen

Men are not naturally good listeners, but learning how to be one will make your marriage so much better.

Take Risks

Taking risks as a bachelor means they’ll only affect you, but once you’re married they will also affect those you love. So go ahead and invest in a new company, go skydiving and gamble the night away before taking those vows.

Las Vegas

Take that Vegas trip you and your buddies have been dreaming about before getting tied down.

Financially Independent

Some men are really awful at keeping track of their money. Your wife will most likely make sure the bills get paid on time, but for her sake learn how to manage your finances before getting married.


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