Everybody has insecurities and expectations when they get into a relationship. These issues are normally expressed in the nitty-gritty details of life, but usually have negative consequences. The expectations a man and a woman bring into a marriage can determine the success or failure of their relationship. If you are feeling unappreciated in your relationship, it is prudent to determine whether your feelings are valid or they’re simply a figment of your imagination. Here are some signs to look out for.

Feeling Unappreciated? Signs Your Instinct Is Right!


You Are Always Initiating Contact

If majority of the contact in your relationship is initiated by you, then there is a chance that your feelings of being unappreciated are real. If you’re always the one texting, calling and passing along invites, then it is time to evaluate your relationship. Don’t remain in denial and make excuses for your partner. Recognize that your “relationship” is a one-sided effort and call a spade a spade.


They’re Okay Without You

Are you in a relationship where you are always in agony whenever you are away from each other, but your partner doesn’t seem to feel the same? He or she can go days without seeing or talking to you and seem perfectly fine. This could be a sign that your partner does  not value the relationship as much as you do. You should start evaluating your relationship. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Words Aren’t Matched By Action

If they are always promising heaven, delivering nothing and leaving you feeling unappreciated, then your feelings are valid. They keep telling you how much they love you, but treat you like crap. They promise to take you out on date, but never make time for it. 


They’re Too Busy

This can be a huge problem in any relationship. There’s no such thing as too busy. It’s a lousy excuse from someone who doesn’t think you are important enough to make time for you. Two people who are in love and want to be together always make time for each other despite the circumstances.


They’re Not Compassionate

When your partner no longer puts your feelings into consideration and is always making you feel bad about yourself, this can leave you feeling unappreciated and it is even time to part ways. For example, they might ridicule you for gaining weight or they lose their temper fast whenever you disagree. 


They Are Not Afraid of Losing You

If your significant other doesn’t show signs of insecurity when other people hit on you, or doesn’t care who you go out with, then he or she probably doesn’t care too much about you. Your feelings of being unappreciated are justified.


They Don’t Remember Special Events

It’s your birthday and, for the third year in a row, your partner has forgotten to get you a gift or simply wish you happy birthday. He or she simply hasn’t the slightest clue what goes on in your life and doesn’t seem to care. This is a clear sign that you are no longer an important part of your partner's life.


Favors Become Expectations

If partners start taking the things you do for them as a favor for granted, then it’s time to have a look at your relationship. You’re suddenly obligated to do chores for them or buy them stuff. They don’t seem to appreciate even if you have to make sacrifice to do these things for them. If this happens, you have the right of feeling unappreciated and should really have an open conversation with your partner.


You’ve Settled

You’re stuck in the mindset that you deserve better but it has to come from your partner. You don’t desire anyone who treats you like royalty but have settled and keep making excuses for your current partner. You are not doing yourself a favor by turning down those who can treat you better for someone who just keep showing potential.


Silent Treatment Matters

If your partner is always dishing out the silent treatment for the flimsiest of reasons, then your feeling of being unappreciated is right and maybe it’s time to walk away. A healthy relationship should be centered on forgiveness and not manipulation. You cannot afford to stay in a relationship where things have to go a certain way if you do not want your partner to stop talking to you. You don’t have to beg and plead incessantly for things to go back to normal after a disagreement.


Thing Always Go Their Way

If you realize that you’re always the one conceding to their opinions, then there is a problem. This is a classic case of “going along to get along”. You are a grown-up human being with your own preferences and opinions. You do not have to agree with anyone all the time, not even your significant other. You should both respect each other’s opinions without making the other feel guilty about his or her choices.


Always Blaming You

If anything goes wrong in the relationship, you are sure the blame will be put on you. For example, you might go to your significant other and ask him or her to stop some annoying habit like leaving socks in the living room. He or she might respond by telling you that you’re not accommodating and before you know it, you’re defending yourself for things you did months ago. This is a classic case of manipulation and you should be wary of it.


Doesn’t Answer Your Questions

If your partner ignores or walks away whenever you ask him or her questions that are important to you, this could be a sign he or she doesn’t respect or value you. If you send them text messages or make phone calls, they always brush off the issue and say that they forgot to get back to you. Feeling unappreciated in this case is totally justified and you should call them out on this issue.


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