If men were asked to give their opinion about the first things they notice when they see a woman for the first time, boobs or booties would definitely be at least on top of their list, if not in the first place. But, butts may also come to the top of the list if women were asked to express what is important to notice about the man they have met for the first time. Although this statement might be true, there is a wide range of things that women preferably notice first and what they find way more important than nicely shaped buttocks. This article aims to bring up the first thing women notice about men. So men if you’re wondering, read on.

First Thing Women Notice About Men

Are women really as confusing as men think they are or are men just too dumb to understand what women like in a man? No matter what the answer is, let's get to know the things women notice first when they see a man.

The Truth in the Eyes

Maybe it is a cliché, but let’s face it – the eyes and the way someone looks are often the first things any person would notice when they are seeing a man for the first time. And the same applies to women as well. It is often claimed that the eye resembles human soul. This is why if the way a certain man looks at a woman gives her the sense of comfort, the chances are that she'll start thinking of him as her potential soul mate.


A Charming Smile

If a woman were satisfied by the way a man looks at her, she would probably lower her eyes to inspect his lips. And most often, she would expect to see a broad or at least a slight smile on his face. Your smile is something that can make them melt and that can disarm them completely and is definitely one of the first thing women notice about men. So, smile boys!


Muscular Arms

The idea that a woman is supposed to be gentle whereas a man is expected to appear as a protective figure to those around him is still widely debated in society. This statement is by no means aimed to discriminate against the women who try hard to stay fit and who are muscular. But, the fact remains that a man who seems muscular tends to appear more attractive to a woman, as she has subconsciously been given the impression that he will be able to protect her.


Their Outfit

In today’s world, none of us can claim that clothing style isn’t important, especially when you are meeting or seeing someone for the first time. Knowing about someone’s taste in clothing is essential when getting to know him or her. In fact, girls who aren’t the slaves of fashion would like to see a man with a tasteful dressing style.


Accessories (yes, really)

Sometimes, women notice men’s accessories first. Such women are rare, but take our word for it – if she’s noticed your clothes, then the second thing she’s gonna notice is your accessories. These can be your shoes, wallet, sun glasses or even watches. And sometimes they pay attention to engagement rings. Why? Well, in order to avoid flirting with someone who’s already taken.



While analyzing whether someone’s clothes are fashionable through scanning their outfit, the garments, jewelry and accessories they wear, including hairstyles in such an analysis is a must. Some women, especially the ones who like to thoroughly inspect an unfamiliar male from head to toe, tend to look at their hair even before they meet their eyes. Sometimes, it’s not even the style but how well your hair’s washed or combed.


The Sound of Your Voice

Well, the sound of somebody’s voice is not exactly something that one can sense with one’s eyes. Nonetheless, if a man has passed a woman’s test regarding his looks, then she will definitely pay attention to the way he talks. Women are often attracted by husky or heavy voices because they make men appear masculine and self-assured. Sometimes, it can be one of the first thing women notice about men.


Posture Matters

Now this is not something many men know. A majority of women would not even consider throwing a second glance at a man who seems and walks lanky, like a stuffed toy or a wooden Pinocchio. The posture of a person definitely matters and it often significantly affects the first impression he or she leaves upon us. Your posture is what indicates that you are either self-confident, or are a nervous wreck. And guess who women fall for?


Unique Facial Features

What is that one particular thing that makes this man different from any other? Does he have something that makes him stand out in the crowd? Some women seek unique facial features in men, such as freckles, a strong jaw line, a dimpled cheek, specific eye colors or even a cute mole above the man’s upper lip. Sorry men, there’s nothing you can do about these preferences! All you can do is hope to find someone who isn’t as picky!


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