Are you ready for your first time sex? Unsure about what to do and how to behave? Don’t be! You can easily prepare yourself to enjoy that sweet moment with your beloved one. Remember everything is in your head. Bonus points, here are some great tips!

Tips on Having First Time Sex


Create romantic atmosphere

The lighting is very important. Dim light, but not excessively dim so as not to collide when passing next to each other. Also, tinted rooms give a sense of intimacy. Add romantic details such as roses or a glass of wine.


Be relaxed

You must have stage fright due to worries about your looks and behaviors. But do not. In the room, you are with your loved one. You know each other very well. You already like each other. Your love story will be completed with just another step forward.


Devote sufficient time to foreplay

Do not rush. Kiss each other for a long time and slowly explore your partner's body. If you are embarrassed to take off your own clothes, let your partner do it. You can do the same to your partner. At the same time! It can be very interesting and exciting.


Use protection

It is very important to protect one another. You can start with condoms. They protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unwanted pregnancy. Do not, just because of the current negligence, ruin one of the best moment in your life.


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