Asking funny questions is a great ice breaker. Whether you want to strike a conversation or just want to lighten up a serious discussion, you need amusing questions to capture your listener’s interest. Do not just throw any question at them; think about something that they can relate to. Otherwise, they’ll just meet your ice breaker with a blank stare. This list contains 60 funny questions to ask different kinds of people. They are categorized to make it easier for you to pick which one to use depending on whom you’re talking to.EPFL

60 Brilliant Funny Questions That You Cannot Miss


25 Funny Questions to Ask Some Stranger in a Bar

1. Do you daydream before you sleep at night?

2. If a guy can die laughing, can you still say that laughter is the best medicine?

3. Can you talk down to a man who’s taller than you?

4. Do you build emergency exits in prisons?

5. Would you stop a starving endangered animal from eating an endangered plant?

6. Why are atheists required to swear on the Bible when they go to court?

7. If you are an ambulance driver, and you run over a man while on the way to save another patient, do you stop to help?

8. What does Eskimos have to do to “get in hot water”?

9. What time zones do astronauts in space switch their watches to?

10. Why do banks have branches when we all know that money don’t grow on trees?

11. Does the Easter Bunny lay its eggs in a nest or in a basket?

12. Does anything sell faster than hotcakes?

13. If someone hits your funny bone hard enough, can you die laughing?

14. If a criminal who was about to be put to death suffers a heart attack, would the doctor who is tasked with killing him save him?

15. Why we have to sterilize the needles used for lethal injection?

16. Do they have earthquakes in Mars?

17. Do parents still teach their kids “Never to take candies from stranger” after they go home from Trick-or-Treating?

18. Can a cannibal become intoxicated by eating a drunken person?

19. When you take a seat in the movie theater, which armrest is yours? Left or right?

20. Why do we call them garment bags when all we put in them are suits?

21. Can we say “You may now kiss the bride” when two men are married?

22. How many tickets do the Siamese twins need to watch a movie?

23. If ghosts can easily pass through walls, how can they choke you or even hold things up?

24. What will happen if you shoot an electric eel with a Taser gun?

25. If I give you $50,000 right now, will you eat a bowl of cockroaches?


20 Funny Questions to Ask a Coworker

1. What is your favorite excuse when you don’t want to go to work?

2. How many times in a day do you privately curse our boss?

3. How many times did you prank called someone at the office this year?

4. If you become the manager of this company, who among our colleagues will you fire first?

5. Did you ever go to work really early, only to find out that it is Sunday?

6. How many boxes of paper clips did you take home last year?

7. If you can have a slave for a day, who would you pick among our bosses?

8. Which one is your favorite bathroom cubicle?

9. Do you ever wonder how often our boss thinks about firing you?

10. Do you ever wish that there are fewer people in the office?

11. What song do you listen to whenever you feel like killing our boss?

12. Why is it that you find it hard to sleep at night but easy to fall asleep at our meetings?

13. How many times did your supervisor catch you sleep at your desk?

14. What is your favorite snack during work hours?

15. Do you ever fantasize about having sex at the office?

16. What would you choose: a good boss or a big salary?

17. How many hours do you spend daily chatting with your friends on company computer?

18. Do you watch porn at the office?

19. What is the most stupid thing that you’ve said to our manager?

20. Would you post a hate letter about our boss if he fires you?


15 Funny Questions to Ask a Classmate

1. How many times do you hit snooze on your alarm clock before you get up from bed in morning?

2. How long do you stare at the test paper before you realize that there are words written on it?

3. How often do you wish that our teacher will be absent?

4. Who is the hottest teacher at school?

5. Who is your favorite seatmate?

6. What is your most memorable PE activity?

7. Do you ever wish for something to go wrong during science lab works that will send all students scurrying for cover?

8. Did you ever go to class in unmatched shoes?

9. Have you cheated during exams? How?

10. How many times has the teacher caught you sticking bubble gums under the seat?

11. When was the last time you were called into the Principal’s office for reprimand?

12. How many times did you plead to your teacher not to report you to the principal?

13. How long have you been keeping your crush on (name of the hottest girl/boy at school) secret?

14. Aside from the canteen, where else do you often hang out when there is no class?

15. How many high fives do you share with your friends whenever the teacher calls in sick?


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