With the passage of time, it’s become apparent that soon-to-be-parents have definitely upped the ante when it comes to revealing their baby's gender. I mean sure, you could opt for an old-fashioned or traditional reveal, but it’s not gonna wow your friends and family, will it? And if the wow factor is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!

15 Stunning Gender Reveal Ideas for You


The firecracker

I know this is going to be tough as it’ll take several trials and errors, but once you do get it correct, you can be sure that yours will be one of the most unique ideas to reveal your baby's gender that your loved ones have ever come across.


Flames, flames and flames

Flames are in different colors, you know. And knowing a little bit of science can definitely make your gender reveal party one of a kind. In fact, you can easily hop on over to Amazon to purchase a flame test chemical kit that’ll let you have different colors of flames!


The paint

Gender reveal ideas like this one are perfect for couples who are conscious of their finances or are creatively challenged. The things that you need are:

  • An old shirt you’re willing to throw away or keep for memories’ sake

  • Water color of your choice

  • A big, flat paint brush

The dad, mom or both of them can paint the hands – it’s entirely up to you how you want to execute the idea.


Something simple and minimal

This one’s another cute gender reveal technique that you can use for practically no money at all. All you gotta do is to rush to the nearest craft store and purchase ready made snowflake, flowers, animals, or other types of paper cutouts in your choice of color. If you’re up for it, you can even cut these by yourself using colorful paper and paper cutting stamps lying at home.

All that you need to do next is to wait for the perfect expression on your face, and your picture is done! And after all the surprise, tell your love the gender of you baby to surprise and please your partner even more.


Balloons everywhere

This is where you can get very creative, because balloons are a versatile prop. Use them like this couple here; hold them in your hands with a smile on your face, or open a box to reveal helium filled balloons flying out of it – it’s entirely your call. You can write "I'm your baby girl" or "Your boy is on the way" on one of the balloons or hide a piece of paper with such words in one balloon.


Cotton candy

For those wanting to opt for a low key reveal that doesn’t involve spending too much money, this one’s perfect. Have a casual get together with your friends, eat your food, drink your drinks and for dessert…. give them pink (meaning girl) or blue (meaning boy) cotton candies, which will reveal the gender of your child!


Piñata time

Who says gender reveal ideas have to be monotonous? You can play a fun little game where you ask your family members or friends to break a piñata to reveal the gender of your child. You can fill it with pink or blue candies, chocolates, sweets or even just colorful paper. The purpose is not what inside the piñata is, but what the color of the item inside it is, right?


A cake reveal

If you’re good at baking, then this is an excellent time to show off your skills. Of course, you don’t have to do something as elaborate as a cake – this can easily be done with muffins or even cookies with fillings. The food of choice is up to you.


Bubblegum pop

This is a very creative idea, and fairly self-explanatory. The only thing you have to be careful is about getting a good photographer, because catching the correct expressions as well as the popping of the gum can prove to be quite tricky for amateurs.


Play time

Have fun with your gender reveal ideas! Play with colorful powder or with wet paints – it’s your decision. What matters the most is that you have fun while doing so, as well as being able to give your photographer a GREAT shot that would be the envy of all!


Ask your guests to guess

This is another way of spicing things up a bit. Give them their own customized buttons to wear on their shirts and at the end of the party, give the ones who guessed the gender correctly cute little gifts for being right.


For the lazy parents

These are the type of gender reveal ideas that are perfect for you, aren’t they? And dirt cheap too.


A simple card

You don’t have to be very creative or deft with your fingers to try this one. It’s literally black balls and strips that you have to paste on a white sheet of paper. Include a hand written message or get one printed out. You can even go out of your way to sign it with thumb prints of your entire family in the color of the reveal as well.


Drink’s on you!

Yet another unique way to reveal the gender of your child. You really don’t have to do much – just add water color of food coloring to water to get the colors of your choice. But again, what’s of the most importance here is to get a professional photographer who can give you the shot that you’re looking for.


Do it like Mario

Who says geeks can’t have fun? Use this image to bake cookies of your choice to make envelopes with reveal cards inside them to give to your guests, or simply take a photo to email your friends. Either way, this is an excellent reference picture for geeky gender reveal ideas.


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