Are you looking for amazing phone deals and perks of all kinds? Do you find that branded products look great but are just too far out of your price range? Then Boost Mobile may be just the thing for you!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top recommended products to date. At the latter part, we’ll also look at the basics of Boost Mobile; what it is, what it does, and how it can benefit your life.

If you’re interested in gaining products and benefits at lower costs, then read on!

Recommended Phone Plans

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Get All 4 Lines Unlimited Data, Talk, Text with just $100 per month (includes Mobile Hotspot per line).

Beside the above one, you have a choice between one to five lines. Adding an extra line to any of the following plans gives you an instant discount of $20. Here are the plan options for 1 line:

  • Unlimited Gigs - $50/month for 12 Gigs

  • Boost Unlimited Plus - $60/month for 30 Gigs

  • Ultimate Unlimited - $80/month for 50 Gigs

  • 3Gigs 4G LTE - $35/month with Hotspot

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All of these plans come with add-on options such as the following:

  • +$10/month for HD videos, music, etc.

  • +$1/month for unlimited text and call to Mexico

  • +$5/month for 1 GB LTE (Exclusive to 3Gigs 4G LTE plan)

Recommended Products

LG Stylo 4

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The LG Stylo 4 comes with everything you could need in a smartphone but at an amazingly low price. It has an 8MP camera and 15 hours of battery life.

The package includes the following items:

  • The phone itself

  • An informational booklet

  • A USB 2.0 cable

  • The phone charger

  • A pre-installed SIM card

At present, it costs a mere $39.99 for everything. You won’t find a cheaper smartphone with so many features at such a low price!

Apple iPhone XR

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The iPhone XR comes with a 6.1” Liquid Retina LCD screen. It also has a 12MP camera and 22 hours of battery life.

The phone package comes with the following items:

  • The iPhone with IOS 12 and the memory level of your choosing

  • A USB power adapter

  • Lightning Connector Earpods

  • Documents

  • Lightning to USB cable

The pricing varies depending on your choice of memory:

  • 64GB - $749.99 ($649.99 with the current $100 discount)

  • 128GB - $799.99 ($699.99 with the current $100 discount)

  • 256GB - $899.99 ($799.99 with the current $100 discount)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pre-Owned

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This phone features the very first Infinity Screen with amazing features such as real-life text translation, QR code scans, and landmark detection.

The phone has a 12MP Dual Pixel camera on the back and a regular 8MP camera on the front. On top of all this, the phone fits in your hand perfectly and weighs very little, despite the size.

The battery life can reach 40 hours of screen time. It also charges to full power in less than an hour, giving you plenty of time to get enough power into it each morning!

The package includes all of the following with your single-purchase:

  • The phone itself

  • A Samsung Galaxy S8+ Handset

  • The phone charger

  • USB 2.0 cable

  • Printed materials

The phone was originally $449.99, but you can get it today for just $299.99!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

On top of all these amazing discounts, you can even buy unique accessories designed for individual phones. Simply go to the accessories page of Boost Mobile’s website, select your phone, and browse the options available for you.

A Flashback of Boost Mobile

What Is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a telephone company that provides telecommunications services. It is primarily controlled by two separate companies in the US and Australia. The main purpose of  Boost Mobile is to act as a wireless carrier for all of its Boost Mobile account holders. However, the brand offers far more than the average wireless service.

What Can Boost Mobile Offer to Its Customers?

First of all, Boost Mobile offers insane phone deals selling high-end phones such as the iPhones, Samsung, and LG that we can all afford.

Another advantageous offer is for families. Family plans allow you to utilize five unique lines. Each of these lines comes with unlimited data, talk, and text while giving your purse a relief.

Some of Boost Mobile’s other add-ons include the following:

  • Phone Insurance

  • International Calling

  • Exclusive Apps

  • Much More!

Why Choose Boost Mobile Concerning Its Services

Boost Mobile offers the following unique services to all subscribed customers:

  • You’ve no need for annual service contracts.

  • All plans and phones come with taxes and extra fees already included. (Meaning you won’t have to worry about any additional fees turning up that you weren’t expecting)

  • Mobile hotspots all through designated countries.

  • Unlimited music streaming all day long.

  • Unlimited data, talking and texting plans.

  • 99% coverage throughout the US.

You can claim any and all of these services when you apply to Boost Mobile’s many phone plan offers.

Boost Mobile also comes with Boost Perks. Boost Perks is a rewards program that can only be utilized by Boost Mobile customers. You gain even more perks and deals through this system. On top of all that, you’ll even earn chances at free rewards! Now, let’s see what sharp deals you can get in Boost Mobile.

No more hesitation, just go to take a look at Boost Mobile and see the many benefits that could be yours today!


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