Everything was fun and games…till he stopped talking to me.

Why did he do that? Was it your fault? Was it his? Needless to say, it could be one of thousands of reasons, because different things turn off people differently. For example while a discussion on religion might turn off many men, some would be attracted to your knowledge in the said field.

Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of the most likely reasons why he stops talking to you.

Possible Reasons He Stops Talking to You


He played the field

He was dating a couple of girls simultaneously, and whichever he thought was best suited to his needs, would be his future girlfriend. Which, it turns out, wasn’t you. Don’t beat up yourself if this really did happen to you. A guy who couldn’t show basic human decency to you wasn’t really worth your emotions anyway.


You expected too much from a one night stand

Girl, come on. It’s called a one night stand for a reason – it’s not supposed to go beyond that. And even if it is, it’s more of a sex friend thing going on, rather than a happily ever after. If you started giving him feelers that you wanted more out of your sex relationship, then boo, you scared him away.


High expectations from early dating

Guys are dumb, but they aren’t completely oblivious. IF he starts seeing a change in your attitude, an increase in the expectations from you, and sudden talks of the future, well then it’s understandable why he stopped talking to you. You wanted too much too soon.


The kiss was off

Well, believe it or not, men do think about stuff like how their kiss went. And if he wasn’t satisfied/turned on with it, it’s entirely possible he didn’t bother contacting you after that. It’s of course, a very immature and dumb reason to not contact you. But hey, it is what it is.


He thinks you don’t like him much

Playing hard to get doesn’t really work when he genuinely starts thinking that you want nothing to do with him, you know. Maybe dial down the Ice Princess act the next time you go out on a date?


You’re way too eager

Men can smell desperation from a mile away. So if you’re always the one who sends texts first, always the one to call and make plans, always the one asking him when he’ll be free next, guess what? He smelt your desperation and you would easily get into the situation “he stopped talking to me”.


You were a crazy stalker

Friending him on all social media handles, adding his friends and then commenting and liking 5 year old pictures? Are you fucking crazy??? So much attention in such a short span of time is too much for a man. Not to mention how creepy, awkward and uncomfortable it would have made him.



While both of you live in the same city, you live in opposite ends and it takes a lot of time from both your sides to make one date work. He must have thought it’s better to end things sooner than to be in a long distance relationship with someone in the same town. Again, if this is what really happened, then you shouldn’t be wasting your emotions on such a pile of steaming shit.


Poor communication skills

Sometimes, it’s nothing but poor communication skills from his end. Maybe he doesn’t know what to talk about. Maybe he’s too shy or awkward to initiate a conversation. It’s also possible that he is finding it difficult to keep up with someone for whom communication is important. Lack of self confidence or self esteem could also be other reasons why he pulled back. Should he have told you of this before? Absolutely. But did he? Nope. Was that stupid of him? Yep.

Good for you, though. You wanted a man who would be your other half, not a child you wanted to mother, right?


He’s still not over his ex

Ah, what a cliché. If this really is the case, then good for you that he dumped you, instead of leading you on. Of course, he should have been a decent person and should have shown the courtesy to inform you about his feelings, but eh. It’s all in the past now.


You bombarded him with questions

Getting to know him better is one thing. But to constantly ask him questions about his personal life would have made him plenty uncomfortable. Men reserve answering such questions for much later into the relationship, and doing so in the beginning might be why you’re wondering “why he stopped talking to me?”


He’s commitment phobic

Lame, right? But hey, it is what it is. We promised to tell you reasons why he stopped talking to you, not whether or not those reasons were legit. The moment he saw things getting serious, he turned tail and ran the other way.


He was making all the payments

And you showed zero initiative to pay for the date expenses. In this case, I side with the dude. If you want him to respect you and treat you as an equal, you too have to show equality – by either splitting the bill every time it comes, or paying for every alternate date. Otherwise, you’re not being old fashioned, you’re being a mooch who’s using ‘tradition’ as an excuse to hide her stingy side. And shame on you for not only being such a woman, but perpetuating a terribly negative stereotype about women.


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