Usually it’s the women who feel insecure. They often feel inadequate, for example, when they compare themselves to the models and celebrities on television and in magazines. But the truth is that guys can be rather insecure as well, especially in a relationship. Sometimes, their feelings of insecurity are more severe and crippling because of the way men handle their emotions. The way guys express their insecurity may be something that irritates or even infuriates you because you don’t realize that his behavior is a direct result of his insecurity.

So, How Do Insecure Guys Act?


He Smothers You

While it’s so exciting in the beginning of a relationship, the honeymoon phase always comes to an end. Sometimes after a few weeks, sometimes after a few months, depending on how quickly you get serious. But if your man is attached to your hip during every waking hour to the point where you are starting to feel smothered, this is a pretty clear indication of his insecurity. It’s his way of making sure that no one else can get too close to you, and he can keep you in his sight all the time.


He Doesn’t Want to Share You

Insecure men aren’t too keen you having other guys in your life, even if they have always been just a friend. But some guys really let their insecurity get the best of them, to the point where they don’t even want to share you with your girlfriends. Your life outside of your relationship makes him feel threatening, so he’ll force you to choose between your friends and him. How do insecure guys act? Like it’s the end of the world if your life doesn’t revolve around him.


He Always Thinks You’re Cheating on Him

Trust is one of the most important parts of a healthy, lasting relationship and without it, you’ve got nothing. If your man doesn’t trust you (and you haven’t given him any reason to not trust you), then he’s being overly insecure. It's extremely unfair to you if he thinks you’re sleeping with other guys every time you walk out. And this will threaten the longevity of your relationship. He’s relying on you to build up his sense of self-worth because he thinks he’s not good enough.


He’s Crazy Jealous

A little jealousy can be endearing, but if he takes it overboard, he might be seriously embarrassing you in public. Does he fly off the handle at every interaction you have with another man, even if the other man is just waiting your table at dinner? Is he suspicious of your male colleagues? His jealous impulses will push you away if he doesn’t get them in check.


He Belittles You

An insecure guy might put you down to temporarily feel good, because when some people don’t feel good about themselves, they want to bring others down with them. Are his compliments few and far between? Or worse—is he dishing out backhanded compliments, like “You look pretty good today, Babe, for someone with a zit in the middle of their forehead”? Just because his self-esteem is low doesn’t mean he should drag you through it too.


He Tries to Change the Way You Look

He totally fell for your look when he first met you, but he might be thinking that every other guy on the street will fall for you too if he doesn’t take control of your appearance. Is he trying to tell you what you can and can’t wear, or tell you some of your clothes are too sexy? He’s thinking that you’re off the market now, so you shouldn’t be putting your goods on display. Truth is, you should be able to dress how you want, in what makes you feel good, and not cover up or change your style just to appease your insecure man.


He Doesn’t Have a Life

If you’re not yet convinced and still wondering "How do insecure guys act?" ask yourself this: does he have a life outside of your relationship? We already discussed him maybe not wanting you to have one, but does he? Does he have his own friends and hobbies? If he hasn’t got anything going for him but you, then you’re in the danger zone.


He’s Always Threatening to Leave You

Even though he will never be the first one to actually walk out, he automatically threatens to leave you when you have a fight. In fact, he’s really just begging for you to validate his super fragile ego. When you put your foot down and don’t give in to his silly, insecure antics, he’ll be begging for you to not leave him. It’s pathetic, really.


He Keeps Tabs on You on the Internet

He’s got you “See First” on Facebook, his phone dings when you post a photo on Instagram, and he’s obsessed with refreshing your Twitter feed. This isn’t sweet but stalking. If some guy you went to highschool with likes your photo, you’ll be in the interrogation room all night. He will question everything you say and do online if he’s truly insecure. If that’s not maddening, I don’t know what is.


He Obsesses Over Your Ex

Even though you are so over your ex, your new man who is extremely insecure will be absolutely convinced that you’re still in love with the guy that came before him. He actually can’t even bear the thought of you ever being with someone before you met him, and he’s scared that one day you’ll go running back to your ex. If he’s constantly bringing the name of some guy you dated in the past, then he has a big problem of insecurity.


He Checks Your Phone

How do insecure guys act? Here comes another sign. Worse than keeping tabs on your activities online, he checks your phone. When you get a text message, he’s watching over your shoulder to see who it’s from and will try to read it. Insecure guys will let their minds wander to places that shouldn’t even exist, so he’ll be so worried about who is texting you and calling you that he’ll even check your phone when you’re not looking just to make sure you’re not hiding anything from him.


He Said “I Love You” Too Soon

Saying “I love you” is a really special and pivotal moment in a relationship which should be approached with gentle consideration and truly deep feelings of love. If he drops the L-bomb too soon, then you should just run for the hills, because this level crazy is only going to get crazier. And don’t feel pressured to say it back to him if you’re not feeling the same way; this will just give him false hope.


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