Love is a beautiful feeling and being in love is something to cherish and celebrate. Before looking at how long it takes to fall in love, think about what love feels like and when the last time you really were in love. It is a wonderful collision -- your heart and sexual energy becoming one. These two doors to the soul are open and vulnerable. Feelings of love come flooding in to both. Your sexual energy and heart are receptive and the more you take in, the stronger your love grows. So, how do we arrive at this magical place where we fall in love?

How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?

Falling in love with someone can take a moment, a few weeks, months, or maybe even years. This is not always because of the strength or validity of the relationship but often because of personalities, interests, sexual interactions, or long-term relationship goals. This means there is not a perfect science or timetable for falling in love; however, deep connections are built over time. True love is knowing someone’s true self. This can take time to learn about the other person's flaws, quirks, and the little annoying things in order to be fully in love. It’s about intimately knowing someone’s story. Helping them see the future, being with them in the present, and even knowing their past are all key steps to falling in love and building something long-term.

Stories About Falling in Love



Within two months, I fell deeply in love with my then girlfriend. There isn’t really a time stamp on how quickly you may fall in love, but I do think age and experience are two important factors. When I was young, I tended to jump quickly into love; but when I grow up and have more experience, I become more prudent. Now I like to take my time and see what will happen naturally.



How long does it take to fall in love? I used to be so eager to know the answer. Now, after almost one full year with my girlfriend, I can finally say that I am in love with her. When it was still early on in our relationship, about 5 months in, I definitely felt something strong. I don’t know when exactly it switched to full on love, but I will say that when you know, you will know!



Looking back at my strongest relationship, I think it took about 3 months for me to fall in love with him. Funny part is he told me he loved me after two days! Since I was his first girlfriend, I think he was eager to fall in love. When he confessed his feelings, I thought I really loved him too. But once my feelings actually developed and strengthened day by day, I realized I was in love but not that truly in love at that time. Understand? It definitely is more of a progress than an exact timeline.



For me, it was love at first sight on the first date! I looked at him and knew he was exactly the kind of guy I wanted. I knew I liked him so much after our first date. Things heated up fast for me. I had not met anyone before who came even close. We went out right away and haven’t looked back since. Luckily, he was on the same page as me, except he was less nervous to admit it than I was soon after those dates.

What Does Falling in Love Feel Like?


Suddenly every song reminds you of your new love

When you hear a romantic song you can’t stop thinking about your love. You put yourselves in the lyrics and could swear it’s about you two. Even better, when you hear an upbeat party song, you day dream about dancing together. You think about how your heart jumps when you see that special person, and you stop thinking how long does it take to fall in love because you are already there.


You get so excited planning a future together

The sky is the limit and the future is bright with hope and love because of your love. You start thinking about what your kids may look like and you spend the morning commute planning a wedding that is long in the future. Maybe your partner is planning things in the future with you and you dream-board together. Even though it’s a little freaky how much you’re planning ahead, this is all part of the process of falling in love.


You stop noticing other attractive people

Maybe you used to check out every hot person who walked by or you’d glance at the least, but now, you only have eyes for your new partner. He or she is the only person in your sights and everyone else, hot or not, becomes invisible. You are so smitten and head over heels in this relationship that you can’t even imagine someone else. All those impulses to look, kiss, or cuddle with someone go out the window because you are in love.


Boring things become exciting and new

Everything becomes fun and exciting because you are doing it together. Whether it’s a romantic date or waiting on line at the DMV, suddenly everything is thrilling and pleasurable. When you’re on your own, regular errands are boring, but with your love by your side, you find yourself having a blast no matter what the activity is.


All of a sudden you smile for no reason

You don’t even realize it, but you smile out of the blue or when you see their name pop up on your phone. How long does it take to fall in love? Well, if you smile while texting him, you are giddy for no apparent reason, or you find yourself blissful about normal everyday things, then you are in love. You might even find others are asking why you are so happy, but it doesn’t bother you!


You begin to do things you never thought you’d try

When guys are falling in love, they may start to take up yoga with their girl and for women, all of sudden they enjoy watching a sports game with him. Love can make you do crazy things and certainly open you up to trying things outside of your comfort zone. Bonding over new activities will only strengthen your love and help you fall more deeply together.


When you wake up, you think of him or her

As you drift off to sleep or wake up in the morning, your new found love and relationship floods your mind. Your mind becomes programmed to think of your boyfriend or girlfriend, and it starts to happen without you even trying when you are in love.


Your hormones are going crazy

As your heart and sexual desires are open and feelings are flowing through your blood, your hormones are active. Your cheeks are flushed, your heart beats quickly, and you are in an endorphin-filled euphoria. Falling in love makes you crazy, and this is how it is meant to feel.


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