Social media has certainly changed our lives in many ways, but failing to use it sensibly can create all sorts of problems. Learning how social media can kill your relationships can make it possible to take necessary steps to avoid serious conflicts. Statistics have shown that social media is playing a big role in breaking up couples, and it is also making breakups more drawn out, more painful, and more public. A simple post can make you look like an idiot and affect your relationships in a big way.

How Social Media Can Kill Your Relationships

Simply sharing something private related to your relationship on social media can lead to deeper arguments and serious relationship problems. There are actually many different reasons why social media is leaving a bad effect on relationships. Here is a bit more about it.

Social Media Can Distract You from Your Partner

By giving all your free time to social media, you are missing the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner and this can lead to relationship problems. Things can get worse when both partners spend time on their phones, completely ignoring each other. Many experts believe that people are so addicted to their phones that it is possible that they would soon forget how to socialize in real life.


Social Media Can Make You Share Private Stuff

In an effort to receive appreciation from others, many people do not mind sharing private stuff on social media. The truth is that over-sharing can kill your relationship by encouraging outrageous fights. Sometimes, both partners can involve in "over-sharing" fights through social media where they try to beat the other one by sharing more. Yes, you have friends and family on your friend's list, but they are not that interested in hearing every tiny thing happening in your life.


Social Media Can Trigger Mistrust

If you are very active on social media and have many guys on your friend's list, it is natural for your partner to feel insecure and even start to doubt your commitment. Things can take a nosedive when those male friends leave flirtatious or sexual comments on your pictures.Moreover, you can do nothing about who sends friends requests, and this can make your partner or boyfriend feel insecure and even annoyed. Eventually, that mistrust will lead to a fight and you will find your relationship in trouble.


Social Media Allows Direct Messaging

It is actually a good feature, but it can sometimes work against your relationship, especially when you are secretly direct messaging someone you should not be messaging. If your partner finds out about it, you will surely be having relationship problems. Even when your intentions are not bad, it is common to take a random message out of its context and develop mistrust. Similarly, if you try to be flirtatious on social media and sends private messages to different girls, your partner is surely going to feel cheated when she finds out about it. Even though engaging on social media by sharing, liking, or commenting does not always mean malice was intended, it is usually difficult to explain your real intentions when someone finds out about it, and that is exactly how social media can kill your relationships.


Social Media Can Make You Envious

Many couples end up having fights when they see other couples enjoying their lives to the fullest. They see collages of romantic photos and posts about being close to their friends and start to question why they cannot have the same lifestyle. Those pictures do not share the other side of the story, as every relationship has the drama, arguments, and troubles. If your partner sees such pictures and starts wondering that their relationship is not that prim and pristine, you will soon experience some serious relationship blues.


Social Media Makes You Conscious of Yourself

After being on Skype and other messengers all the time, it is so easy to become narcissistic. You may become too conscious about your appearance and this can be a bit frustrating to your partner. Moreover, many couples end up experiencing serious relationship problems when one of them feels superior because they have more likes and followers. Once you become self-involved, it becomes difficult to see exactly what your relationship actually needs to grow stronger.


Social Media Can Make You Feel Less Important

When your partner shares an important change in their life on social media even before breaking that news to you, it will certainly make you feel less important. Ideally, your partner should come to you and share important achievements and setbacks with you first. If they turn to social media just to get more attention, it is naturally going to hit your relationship in a bad way.


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