We all know how scary first dates can be. It is only natural that you want to impress the person you would have dinner with. However, sometimes people take it too far and ruin their chance at a good first impression. It is often said that the first impression you put on someone lasts for a long time, so in this sense, first dates are of utmost importance. Knowing how to act on a first date can be the difference between just another fling and a true lasting relationship. Read on to find out!

Top 15 Tips for Your First Date


Be punctual

It is your first date and therefore you’ll leave your first impression (which could end up being the last), so you don't want to project the wrong idea by showing up late. Being on time reflects sincerity in a person and your plus one is going to get an impression that you actually care about the meeting. At any cost, do not show up late! That is going to ruin the mood before it has even begun.


Don't fret about your appearance

Okay, let me get this one clear. It is perfectly fine to be nit-picky about your attire and your make-up before the date but to keep going to the restroom to touch up your lipstick or comb your hair isn't really acceptable. Once the conversation starts flowing, neither of you should really care how each other's hair looks.


Keep a check on the drinks

A couple of drinks would definitely make it easier to get the conversation flowing and break the ice, but to slosh right out on your first date isn't something to be proud of. In any case, you shouldn't rely on someone you barely know to handle you when you're not in your senses. Stay sober, it's more fun that way!


Put the phone away

Any advice on telling you how to act on a first date should have this: do not keep fidgeting with your phone! It is very rude to the person you are with if you constantly need to reply to every message that shows up on your phone. Moreover, if you are that bored with your date that you have to chat on your phone, you should just tell them so!


Ask questions

What you want to be doing is keeping the conversation going. And what can be a better way to do that than to ask questions about your plus one? This will not only help get you to know him or her better, but it will also make them feel more accepted by you. Ask about their hobbies, interests, work and generally everything that isn't too personal.


Don't ask personal questions

You don't know them well enough to ask about their past love-life or other things which may seem like pushing the bounds of privacy. Respect their sense of individualism: the time for those questions will come soon. The first date is for you to get to know each other, not chase him/her away by being overbearing.


Don't hesitate to get a bite

This one is for you, ladies. Trust me, no guy likes a girl who is so paranoid about her appearance that she refuses to eat on a date. If you have a legit reason for doing so, tell him. But you shouldn’t think that eating will mess up your look. There is no bigger turn off for a guy on a first date.


Appreciate chivalry

Again, one for the women. Don't brush off a respectful gesture your date shows because of a misplaced sense of “gender equality”. For instance, him holding the door for you as you walk in has nothing to do with feminism. It is just a sign of respect which shows that he really cares about the old-fashioned honor code. Admit it or not, that is attractive!


Don't spill your guts

Knowing how to act on a first date requires the right balance of being open and retaining a sense of mystery. Your date will probably lose interest in you if he or she has you all figured out by the end of your first dinner. Don't say everything personal about yourself, let that come naturally. For now, just stick to the superficial but funny details.


Don't act needy

Again, this goes hand in hand with the previous point. Acting needy or desperate is possibly the biggest turn for your date; especially if it is the first one. Tone down the desperation and relax. It'll help the conversation flow more naturally and you'll both end up having a good time.


Don't always go with the flow

You are your own person, don't forget that. So don't be afraid to speak up if you think something should be different. Being meek might seem like a good way to make your partner feel wanted but somewhere down the line, if you are to continue this, you will have to assert yourself as well. So speak up when you feel like!


Don't rush things

It might seem tempting to speed things along right on the first date if it's going really well, but resist that temptation! It is never a good idea to act rashly when your brain is flooded by hormones. Either way, no relationship should proceed at breakneck speed. So give it time: things will happen when they are supposed to.


Socialize, if it's a group date

Don't just talk to the person you're with, go ahead and chat with everyone. This especially applies to group dates. This will show your partner that you are sociable and 90% people find that attractive in a partner. However, take care about not going too far with it and neglecting your date! That isn't a good thing.


Mind your manners

There is nothing less attractive than a person who doesn't know how to use the words “please”, “thanks” or “you're welcome”. Be nice to the waiter at your table. Showing that you're nice to just him or her and being rude to everyone else isn't going to fool anyone. This is one of the key points to knowing how to act on a first date.


Do offer to pay

This applies to both men and women, especially to men who think paying up is their “responsibility”. It's not. Splitting the bill 50-50 is the best way to ensure that both of you remain comfortable and neither of you feels obligated by the other person. Doing this will almost certainly assure a second date or hopefully many more.


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