This can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the dating game, if you're shy, awkward or nervous, or if, generally, you suck at picking up girls. Needless to say, smooth talkers get away with talking to a girl they’ve never met before, which makes you envious of their ability. But what if I tell you that the gift of the gab isn’t the only way to catch the attention of a girl? Now I’m not saying you’ll become a chick magnet, but with tips listed here, your dating game will definitely improve tremendously.

How to Approach a Girl You Don’t Know

I have to say something first: always remember that if a woman is not interested in you, then you should accept her rejection and move on. Forcing her to be with someone she clearly isn’t attracted to is not fair to her or even to you. Having said that, let's see the techniques below which can definitely boost your dating game.

Get your shit together

If you want a woman to be attracted to you, then you have to look the part when approaching a girl. Take a shower, wear clean clothes and some cologne, comb your hair, clean your teeth, have a breath mint or two and for God’s sake don’t dress like a hobo. A man who dresses sharp instantly catches the eye of almost any woman.


The correct moment is important

I don’t mean it figuratively. I mean this very literally. For example, approaching a girl when she’s going to the toilet is going to be awkward for both of you. And in her embarrassment she might actually end up turning you down. However, if she’s sitting alone at a park with a book in her hands then boom! You have the perfect opportunity to approach her.


Wait for when she’s alone

How to approach a girl? If she’s out hanging with her friends at the bar or the mall, it sure can be daunting to approach her with so many eyes on you. So it’s best for you to wait till the herd thins a little. And if she’s left alone even for a few minutes, then you have your window of opportunity to approach her safely and with higher chances of success.


Talk to her even when she’s with friends

If her friends aren’t leaving her side, then you simply have to muster enough courage to approach her. Walk confidently towards the group while keeping your eyes just on her. Walk up to her and say something like, "Hey. Do you mind if I take 3 minutes of your time? My sight has been following you around from the moment I saw you, and I really want to get to know you."


Catch her attention from a distance

If you want to know how to approach a girl without coming off as desperate, then this method is perfect for you. First, look at her and when she catches you looking at her, tilt your neck just a little and give her a slight smile. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact with her during this period. After 2-3 second, she will either smile back, or look away. Either way you have already got her attention.


Buy her a cup of coffee

If you’re at a coffee shop, buy her a cup of coffee! It’s the same principle as buying a woman a drink at the bar. But with the coffee method, you won't leave an impression of a play boy but a gentleman or a considerate guy. This will help you attract that girl's attention for sure.


Confess your shyness to her

Just tell her outright that you like her but you just get shy or nervous around girls. This confession will serve a twofold purpose – first it will explain to her why you aren’t being normal around her; second, it will immediately endear you to her because women love nothing more than a man who’s willing to confess his shortcomings to them. You can even be a sly dog and slip in a compliment, like this, "Sorry, I’m being this awkward. It’s just that… pretty girls instantly have that effect on me…"


Find ways to keep in touch

Knowing how to approach a girl is one thing and knowing how to keep in touch is another. Once you get the conversation going, the next step becomes to stay in contact with her. Remember, for a man she's just met, a girl might find it very hard to divulge her personal phone number to him. So here comes the next best thing. Ask her for her email ID or her social media details. It’s easier to hand out her email address than her phone number, and she’ll appreciate you for not putting her in an awkward spot by directly asking for her phone number. But you can end the conversation with something like, "Give me your phone number whenever you’re comfortable. I’m in no rush".


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