There’s no denying that women are as sexual as men. Even though most men and women are sexual creatures, the way how they get aroused is very different. Men can instantly be aroused, which is no secret. But when it comes to women, guys, you have to work hard because women have higher standards than men. And if you’re confused about how to go about things, don’t worry. We’ve written this article to help you out.

How to Arouse a Woman

Women don’t want to be stimulated just physically – they want an emotional stimulation as well. And it’s up to you to provide a good balance of both so that you can arouse her instantly.

Play truth or dare

This might sound a little high-schoolish but truth and dare is actually a pretty good game to turn her on. You can play it the original way – giving each other risque dares or making the girl say embarrassing truths. Or you can spice things up a bit and make it a game about sexual truths or dares.


Talk dirty

There’s just no denying that dirty talks with a lady instantly crank up the sexual atmosphere. Here, the trick is to just give her a hint of all the “dirt” she’s in for, or at the most, being a little more expressive with your intentions. When it comes to how to arouse a woman via dirty talk, men generally tend to overdo it, ending up putting them off rather than turning them on. Make sure you don’t say anything too aggressive or in a forceful manner. She might become a little scared!


Grind her… in public

Come on. Everybody does it at home or in private cabins, but who does it in public? Not a lot of people, for sure. So the next time you’re at a club with her having the time of your life, grind her from behind. Just being this physically intimate with you in front of a crowd will arouse her for sure.


Focus on the nape of her neck

In fact, focus on the entire portion of the back of her neck, including the sides. Caress and kiss her there. Since these areas are very sensitive, she will get a female boner and will be turned on enough to want to have sex with you that very instant.


Whisper sexy nothings

Think that dirty talk is not your or her thing? No issues, you can still be a champ on how to arouse a woman by opting for a softer alternative – whispering. Now this is something you can do when you’re with her or on the phone with her. Speak softly, gently, and tell her things like how you’d like to gently strip her clothes off her body, kiss her neck, kiss her lips…. You know the drill. Here, the thing is to say, basically, the opposite of dirty talk. You have to be sensual and not dirty; talk about making love to her, not having sex to her.


Send her sexy texts

Now if dirty talk or even whispering in her ears is something you feel you aren’t confident or good enough to pull, don’t worry. Use the power of texting to your advantage. Texts have a way of making two people feel closer to each other, but without the physical proximity, which also makes them want each other even more. Get naughty with her and say all those things she wants to hear!


Give foot/body massages

This one is better suited if you’re dating the lady or are really desperate to have sex with a woman you’ve just met. A good massage is nothing less than pure bliss, especially if it’s a precursor to sex. Just keep in mind not to use oils to massage her, which will make the sex later a pretty messy business. Use body lotion and even if that doesn’t appeal to you, give her a dry massage. When you’re massaging her, give her little bonuses like kissing her feet or her lower back. It’s going to instantly arouse her, for sure.


Tongue her all the way

Your tongue is one of the best tools on how to arouse a woman and yet, it’s one of the most underused tools, isn’t it? I mean sure, kissing and tickling are fun and all, but how about bringing things up a notch by using your tongue instead?

Caress parts of her body, especially the ones that you tend to ignore with your tongue. Her inner thighs, her shoulders, nape of the neck, feet, lower back – these are all erogenous zones that men often neglect. Make sure you give these areas special attention so that she can give you more special attention in return!


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