You really like a girl and you have a great talk. When it is time to say goodbye, you want to keep in touch. So here comes the big question – how to ask her for her number. You may hesitate and think about this in your mind again and again as much as that you feel anxious and nerve-racking. But it doesn't have to be like this. Here we have summarized some of the best tips on getting the number of your dream girl easily.

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number

There are some basic dos and don’ts you have to keep in mind while approaching a girl. You also have to factor in whether she’s a complete stranger to you, or if you know her beforehand like an office employee. So let’s get started!

Get to know her first

This one works when you’ve seen her before. If you’ve never chatted with her and then ask for her number out of the blue, it’s going to surprise her and in a not-so-good way. I.e. she’s gonna think you’re a creep who just wants to have sex with her, which is why you have to get to know her first. And don’t just talk – listen. Find out her likes and dislikes, see if you have any common ground and then when she gets comfortable with you, ask her number.


Make an excuse

If you’ve just met her, have spoken to her for a few minutes and want her number, then make an excuse. Say, "Oh God, look at the time. I have to pick my sister from her school. Mind if we continue this conversation via text?" and then ask her for her phone number. This is a classic when it comes to how to ask a girl for her number.


Be prepared for why

It’s an obvious question to ask. Why do you want her number? Your answer decides whether or not she’ll give it to you, so hesitating or saying stuff like "To talk to you of course" is going to turn her off. You can talk to her in person dude. Be more creative. Let me give you an example. If you two end up discussing some funny internet meme, at the end of the conversation ask her number and when she asks why, say "Oh because I have some very funny memes I want to show you. You’ll love them."


Don’t force her

If, despite your efforts, she refuses to give her number, then dude, respect her decision. She’s not into you and forcing her or begging her to give you her number is not going to win your case. If anything at all, it will make her case against you stronger. If she refuses, smile, shrug it off and simply walk away. Or continue the conversation – whichever you feel is best according to the situation. Never forget this very important rule of how to ask a girl for her number. This is because she doesn't want to give you her number this time does mean she will refuse you the next time, right?


Ask her when she’s alone

The likelihood of you getting her number is higher when she’s alone than when she’s with friends or peers. Your chances of becoming nervous or making a fool of yourself in front of an audience also reduces, so it’s a win-win situation for you.


Don’t ignore her friends

This works mostly when you know her from beforehand. If you simply cannot get her alone any time of the day or night, then you have no option but to approach her when she’s with others. In such a case, be polite and have small talk with her friends as well. It signals her that you’re kind and considerate. Walking over to the group and focusing only on her while ignoring her friends is definitely going to piss her and her friends off. And women take their friends' opinions very seriously. If they don’t like you, they’re definitely going to encourage her to not share her number with you as well.


Ask her directly

When you’re working on how to ask a girl for her number, make sure you always get it from her and not her friends or peers or whatever. Do you even know how creepy and cowardly it makes you look when you don’t even have it in you to ask her this directly? Not to mention how surprised she will be when she receives your call or text out of the blue. And what are you going to tell her when she asks you, "Why didn’t you ask ME for my number?" You will just come off as another loser. Avoid this route.


Respect her time

Whether she’s at a bar with her friends or on a lunch break during her office hours – you have to understand that she’s not there at your disposal. She has work or friends to get back to, so hogging away all her free time is not going to make her very happy and will make you come across as a self-centred ass.

Do not monopolize her time. She’s there to eat or have fun with her friends. So don’t take, say, more than 5 minutes of her time. Within those 5 minutes, decide whether you like her enough or not, and if yes, then use the methods mentioned above to get her phone number. Or you can say, "I’m so sorry to have taken up your time. Your friends or work must be waiting for you. But I'd love to talk more with you. Do I have the pleasure to have your number?"


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