So there’s this girl you’ve had your eye on for a while, and you feel that she’s given you positive vibes right from the get go. But here’s the situation – you don’t know for sure if she likes you or not because she’s never stated it explicitly. So, how to ask a girl if she likes you?

Ways to Ask a Girl If She Likes You


Make sure she’s alone

When you’re discussing something important like her feelings, you have to make sure you take her away from her group of friends (or her best friend). It’s not because she will be uncomfortable sharing her feelings about you in front of her friends. In all likelihood, she’s already told them whether or not she likes you. But the reason you need to be alone with her is for your sake – you’re gonna be very uncomfortable if such a private topic is discussed in front of her friends, right?


The location

A dinner is too formal, while a movie doesn’t have room for much discussion between you two. So opt for something more casual, like having a cup of coffee with her during the afternoon. This will make her feel relaxed as well.


Warm up to the topic

Don’t just drop a bomb on her. You’re alone with her, so the first thing you need to do is make her comfortable in your presence. Crack some jokes, ask her how her day went and spend some time on small talk. Know that the journey to how to ask a girl if she likes you is a patient one.


Ask her if her friends know about you

As already mentioned, if she likes you then her friends already know about you. If she nods, then ask her what she told them about you specifically. However, if she says no, be careful for she may not be interested in you. It may also be that she needs to be sure of you first before even discussing you with her friends, so don’t feel gloomy just about yet.


Flirt with her

Very light flirting – nothing too heavy or you’ll end up pissing her off. This warms up the mood in your favor further, paving way for you to finally work on how to ask a girl if she likes you. If you suck at flirting, then may God bless you because things really aren’t working in your favor, are they?


Discuss her ideal guy

And when she talks about his qualities, mentally tick everything that applies to you. If the majority of the qualities she mentioned are also present in you, good for you! If not, well, there isn’t much you can do, right? Plus, you don’t have to be her ideal guy in order for her to like you! And while you’re on the subject, ask her:


“Do you like someone?”

And then closely observe her reaction. Is she surprised? Does she blush? Does she begin stuttering or avoid your gaze? If yes then she definitely likes you. If, however, she appears annoyed or nonchalant, well, she either doesn’t like you or is fantastic at controlling her emotions. If she reacted positively, then go ahead and ask her:


“How do you feel about me?”

Again. Observe her carefully. And keep in mind that there’s a high likelihood that she won’t come out and confess her feelings to you. In which case, you have to play it smart. If she says “You’re a fantastic friend.” then simply ask her “But do you ever see me as more than a friend?”

If she looks embarrassed, like she’s been caught red handed, bingo! If she looks aghast, astonished or flat out annoyed, bro, you’re in a deep mess because you totally misread her intentions towards you.

Other Things to Keep an Eye Out For

So while there are things regarding how to ask a girl if she likes you, there are subtle signs you can keep an eye out for if you’re too shy to directly ask her how she feels about you. Or if you want to be 100% certain about her feelings before confronting her about it. In either case, here are some helpful things to be on the lookout for:

  • Eye contact: If she maintains it fairly often when talking to you, she’s comfortable with you.

  • Playing with her hair: This is a flirtatious gesture and if she’s regularly fixing her hair or playing with it in your presence, then she’s subconsciously signaling to you that she’s interested in you.

  • Does she touch you casually often? Girls only do that with guys they’re comfortable with.

  • Communication: Does she reply to your texts quickly, or do days go by before she bothers to respond? How often does she initiate conversations? Or is it always you who ends up messaging her in order to hear from her?

  • Your name: Girls generally take the names of guys (in front of them) if they’re either interested in them or are totally relaxed in their company. However, if she doesn’t take your name, it could very well mean it’s simply part of her nature or personality.

  • Her dresses: Does she dress casually when she’s with you? Or does she take time to look like a proper lady when hanging out with you?

  • Your personal life: Does she ask questions about your past, your present or your future? Or does she show no interest in your life whatsoever? Obviously, the latter means she’s not interested in you. However, if she’s an introvert or someone who takes her time opening up to people, the latter point won’t apply to her.


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