The road to perfection is never-ending. However, every little step counts, so don’t shy away from anything that could help you become a more attractive, desired, appreciated and, ultimately, loved woman who knows how to make her man happy. In the following guide, we unveil a list of simple but effective tips that will show you how to be a better girlfriend and help you make your private life a more fulfilling journey.

9 Things That You Should Do


Never cease to surprise him… in a good way

It’s a must to have as many sides to your personality as possible; otherwise your man is likely to die of boredom soon. If this seems nothing like your plan, show what you’ve got, or develop new shades of your individuality by reading more, making new acquaintances, even getting into some minor troubles to help you test yourself, and you will see how much more sustainable your relationship will become.


Silly, crazy, or impossible – take on the roles!

This is another side to having a manifold personality, but this time it’s about not being afraid of looking silly or a bit loony. Providing you stay within certain limits (don’t take it too seriously!), your day-to-day affairs will become much funnier and help you both to let yourselves go instead of watching stiffly each other’s single move. There’s no other recipe on how to be a better girlfriend than accepting your life together can bring up.


Be a friend to his friends

This is important and has a long-term effect. If you have some serious plans for winning him over, penetrating into his close circle of friends is a requirement, not a recommendation.


Contradict him

Having your own opinion is recognized as one of the signs of strong will. If you don’t want to be called a pussy, learn to disagree when you have a different point of view. Of course, there are particular limits, as there’s no need to start fighting if it’s about a crappy movie’s artistic value, for example. Instead, turn it into a joke.


Make him laugh

It’s not that you should keep a whole portfolio of gags and stand-up jokes in your pocket if you want to know how to be a better girlfriend. If you are the lucky one to have a natural sense of humor, use this weapon wisely. If you are not, learn from him and tune into his humor to avoid any possible embarrassment.


Stand your ground

Don’t give in easily to his persuasions, be it a matter of having your first sex or buying a new piece of furniture. Just because he’s a man doesn’t mean his voice is more important. Ultimately, you will be able to earn a few points for yourself and he will start to appreciate your opinion more while growing more proud of his girlfriend that can really beat anyone when it comes to what she feels is right (and we don’t talk any radical views there).


Commit to your romance

Showing your affection in bed is one thing; making him breakfast in the morning is another. If you are heading into some serious relationships, make harder efforts to prove you’re worth it and he will return it to you a hundred times more!


Keep up your sex drive

Having sex just like for the first time every night is a difficult and exhausting task, but if you don’t want to slip into passionless, tiring routine of casual sex, try to overcome yourself and bring excitement back. Surprise him with new positions, erotic lingerie or work your magic down there and he will be just delighted!


Take in only what really matters

After some time together, you grow accustomed to almost everything that excited you in the first place, while getting easily offended with every petty thing. If you wonder how to be a better girlfriend, remember to take in only what really matters and don’t ruin your precious time together with meaningless disputes.

As time passes, frustration and tiredness will accumulate to a mind-bogging proportion, which can finally put your happy life together at stake. It’s always better to share your negative emotions with your mother or a good friend over a bottle of nice wine, but please don’t bring it up to your boyfriend unless you want to ruin your romance little by little.

4 Things That You Should Never Do

Here are the all-time favorite don’ts that have ruined many romances. If you don’t want yours to become the next one, make sure you will never make these mistakes.

Try to tailor him like a suit

Because he is not. There should have been a reason for you to start dating him back then, so please accept all the worldly goods he carries with him and don’t try to change a tiniest bit of him. Appreciate his individuality, and if you can’t you’d better watch other places.


Play out girly stereotypes

Sometimes it can be fun, just for a change. But getting ready for three hours in a row, or chatting endlessly over the phone, or pretending to be all vulnerable and childish when in fact you are not, will sooner or later get on his nerves. If you want to learn how to be a better girlfriend, just stay sincere and empathic.


Show him around like your domestic pet

Regardless of how proud you may be of him (and we know you are unless you are the one to make the first mistake in this list), don’t flaunt him wherever you go or use as a revenge machine to prove something to your former friends or ex-boyfriends. This is not only annoying, but also humiliating.


Force him to marry you

This should be claimed as a number-one relationship killer. Just because you have been dating for a few months doesn’t mean you should go down the aisle tomorrow. Let him take his time, or, if you think something is missing and you are growing more worried, try to bring it upfront but without showering him with your disappointment.


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