Regardless of whether your marriage is in trouble or not, you would like to find how to be better husband. We completely get that and it’s awesome. Also, we hope that your marriage is not in trouble, but even if it is you can still save it. Asking yourself how to be a better husband is a huge stride toward being one. You have come to the right place, as the 15 tips below are the answer to your question.

Top 15 Tips for Becoming a Better Husband


Appreciate what you have

Studies show that happiness in general often decreases because of lack of appreciation. It is not that the things around us change, but that we like them less. Make a point of consciously revisiting mentally the qualities you like about her. Why did you fall in love in the first place? Focus on those aspects, remind yourself they are still there, and enjoy them every day. This is one of the best how to be a better husband tips you can ever get.


Don’t retaliate

Lasting marriages are characterized by one single behavior, studies have shown. That is, spouses with a good relationship do not react to anger with anger. Rather, they try to understand what happened. She snapped? So what? Don’t snap back at her. Sometimes people react like that to internal stimuli, like being very hungry. Let it pass, and care less about her snapping at you. Otherwise you will go into a confrontational spiral that keeps amplifying.


Let her sleep

Did you know that women actually need much more sleep than men? More than that, lack of sleep has lasting effects on women’s health. This is not true for men, however. Regardless of the physiological differences, help her get to sleep earlier by taking the kids to bed or doing some chores in her place, and you’ll be grateful for that in the morning. Also, let’s not forget that a tired woman loses her libido.


Careful with the babies

Even if you both want children, it is good to know that all couples have a huge decline in marital bliss after having children. Studies show that children don’t increase the happiness of couples. If you decide to have them, you should know that they have a smaller effect on your happiness if you have been married for a while and your relationship have had enough time to settle. Also having larger paychecks helps a lot because money provides the stability necessary for handling the new stress.


Get a baby sitter

This is a great how to be a better husband recipe because it’s the solution to the problem above. Getting a babysitter lets you both get enough rest and having enough fun to maintain your relationship alive.


Romance her

Surprisingly, women and men generally have the same overall need for sex. Sure, ladies have less testosterone of their own and yet nature prepared us a pleasant surprise: men can transfer some testosterone to women through saliva. But women also need preludes and romancing for psychological reasons. Romance her as much as she needs, and don’t forget that happily married men cut their chance of heart disease in half.


Spend time together

Some cultures say that distance warms the heart, but others noticed that it is not always the case. Unseen eyes are soon forgotten, the saying goes. Spend quality time together but also spend enough time. You should not, however, spend all your time together since you are not conjoined twins. Just spend enough time together to keep your relationship going strong.


Reserve time for yourself

Both women and men tend to be completely lost in relationships that soon become their only world. They isolate themselves from friends and forget what it was like before. To keep your relationship fresh, spend time with your friends and encourage her to spend time with hers.


Realize your flaws and strive to improve them

They say that only after living together you get to truly know someone. If you started noticing a zillion small flaws that she has, you can be sure that she is noticing yours pretty much in the same way. Try to improve them as much as you can.


Laugh with her

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Recall how you used to laugh all the time when you first met? Laughing together works very well when it comes to human bonding. Even if her jokes aren’t all that great, you surely laugh at the jokes of your boss to save face. Why not do it for your wife?


Start every day with a kiss

Kissing every morning after you wake up and then kissing again when you go to work is a great way to stay connected. While you’re at it, hug, naked preferably. This not only increases your chances of morning sex, when you’re both well rested after the night’s sleep, but it increases your level of oxytocin, a hormone that regulates attachment and feelings of togetherness. Why not also kiss when you get back home from work? Kiss with every opportunity because kissing just can’t be too much.


Don’t be skimpy on affection

Private and public affection is great for women because they simply need it. They need closeness and feeling safe with their significant other. A cold relationship will first kill sex and then kill the couple altogether. If you think public affection is embarrassing, think again. If you’re married, it is time to give up childish taboos. If marriage itself is not enough to allow you to display affection, what does?


Not phubbing, ever

Phubbing is the act of neglecting your conversation partner to check your phone. That does not mean you cannot or should not check your phone. It does mean, however, that you should not do it when you are in the middle of a nice conversation.


Do the chores

Being human is hard and being an adult is downright awful at times. Most people enjoy spending their time with hobbies, friends and so on. Our free time is insufficient as it is. Don’t forget that it is just as hard for her to take out the trash as it is for you. Even when women stayed at home in the 50s, it wasn’t much fun for them to act like a multifunctional cleaning machine.


Don’t let yourself go

You like her to be slim, with a nice hairstyle, and some makeup. Ladies like well-groomed men as well. If you took care of how you looked when you first met, that undoubtedly made a good first impression. Letting yourself go is like false advertising – it may bring you the deals but it won’t keep them for you.


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