Now this is one question that almost always plagues men and women. This is because when in love, we always want to give our lovers the best of the best, and sometimes, this can make us a little bit confused about how we can be all the better to him or her. If you are facing this situation, here comes your savior, tips to help you become a better lover.

How to Be a Better Lover

If you’re insecure about how you perform in the bedroom or simply want to focus more on pleasing your partner, then do keep in mind these simple but important instructions.

Proper interaction is important

Communication is key when it comes to relationships, and this rule holds true in the bedroom too. For example, men are mostly taught, wrongly of course, that it’s a man’s job to keep every thought of his within himself. If you continue doing so, you’ll be doing nothing but digging the grave of your own relationship. So do women. Ditch that school of thought and work hard to communicate more with your partner about each other’s likes and dislikes in life and in the bedroom.


Take it seriously

A relationship, long-term or short-term, should be respected, especially if it’s a one-night stand. If the guy wants to role play, dress up or try certain position, cater to him as much as possible as long as you feel comfortable in doing it. But guys, if she says no, then she means no. Stop what you’re doing immediately. If she says keep doing that, then keep doing exactly what you’re doing – no need to go faster or harder. Getting what I’m saying?


Casual sex doesn’t work for most women

There are certain tips on how to be a better lover that won’t work even on the best of women. That is because in cases like this, society has pressured women into believing that sex without emotions is a very bad thing, which is why you might find it very hard to please your girl with your sexual prowess only. In all likelihood, the lack of an emotional bond is what makes her unhappy about this situation.


Pay attention

When you’re with her, you have to be mentally with her too. You can’t focus your brain on that phone call from that important client you’ve been waiting for. She can tell when you’re not thinking about her. So stop doing that.


Open and seal the deal with a kiss

Couple in a relationship has to know that sex is important for guys but kisses are also important for women. Begin foreplay with sensual kissing and then put all your attention and use all your skills to please each other. Once you’ve both orgasmed, guys don’t forget to give her a long and sexy kiss, alright? Show her you appreciate what she does for you. If possible, continue kissing her for a couple of minutes before finally putting your clothes on.


Kiss her all over

Ah, the pleasure a woman feels when a man kisses her all over her body. Back, neck, ears, thighs, feet, inner arms – spare no effort please. Kiss and caress every inch of her body. This will also help you discover what her sweet spots are, which you can always use to your advantage when wanting to pleasure her in the future. This is the same for you girls, helping you know your man's body better.


Dress it up a little

Couples who have been in long-term relationships often find the spark going away from their sexual lives with the passage of time. In such cases, the easiest way on how to be a better lover is to take things up a notch by role playing or something. Ask your lover who he or she fantasizes you dressing up as and make it a reality. Ask your lover to do the same for you and voila! Instant sparks!


Say yes to caressing and no to grabbing

This one is for guys. Treat your girl like a lady and not an object to have sex with. It’s a body and show it some love and respect. Don’t just aim for the breasts and squish and squeeze them to your pleasure. You have to make her happy too.


Whisper soft nothings in the ears

Men are visual creatures, but sweet or some dirty words really can stimulate them; and women are easily turned on by words. People in a relationship need a connection, so create that emotional sensation inside your lover by confessing your love to him or her, murmuring how important he or she is to you, or telling him or her all the dirty things you’re going to do. It depends entirely on the type person your lover is and the relationship you two share.


Don’t rush things

Women like things to be nice and slow in the bedroom. It’s always the men who rush into having sex. Spend more time on foreplay, kissing and whispering in her ear, and you will immediately notice a difference in the way she responds to you. But girls, you have to return the favor by becoming more active to give your man as much pleasure as possible.


Don’t leave immediately

Leaving immediately after sex is literally the worst thing you can do to your lover, which makes your lover feel he or she is nothing more than a means of having sex for you. Always spend time cuddling, talking or whatever to make your lover feel you affection. Needless to say, this is one of the best ways on how to be a better lover.


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